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Johnny Rad Pants

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Well this is where the news from Johnny Rad Pants will be going down. Thank you very much.

11.12.03 - Alright everyone. As you all know Johnny Rad Pants used to be a cover band that consisted of old band members Johnny (Luke - guitar and lead vocals), Rad (Robby - bass) and Pants (James - drums). After that one eventful night at their high school pop concert where Johnny accomplished one of his goals in life "to perform a fucking awesome cover of leslie gore's version of It's My Party" the band broke up.

Little did everyone know that Johnny and Pants side band Cue Linus was going to fall through as Johnny was heading to UCF to go to college. Well Johnny decided to revive the band and get new members by converting a band he was in to the name Johnny Rad Pants this was accomplished. Now the time has come for the band to hit a bump in the road, with no drummer and no guitarist, Johnny switched to bass not too long ago, Johnny has decided to just go by Luke now. Mike the new guitarist and synth player quit to just play synth for JRP leaving no guitarist. Luke commented on his online journal recently that he has decided to leave UCF and return to an undisclosed location that only him and Mike know at this point.

This leaves everyone who follows the band with the question that burns inside "whats going to happen to JRP and are they breaking up?" the answer is plain and simple. no one knows but Luke and Mike at this point. the location Luke has chosen to move to would offer great opportunities for JRP and one step closer to getting signed and out there. Mike has decided to think a while longer about it. He has been trying to decide whether to keep the band together for the sake that the two of them say "this is the best thing ive ever done musically and i can honestly see it going somewhere" or to go with his first instincts before JRP was in the picture. no one knows and only time will tell exactly what will happen with JRP but right now they are still together and still good friends, they have also said "no matter where we choose to go the band may end but no one said we couldnt get it back together after college and we will always be awesome close friends". check back here for more updates on this issue.