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Volume 05

In this corner...
A weak loser!
In this corner...
A strong loser!
And once again,
Ladies and gentlemen,
The winner is-
The Madame!

As its name implies, the festival requires each of its over five hundred thousand participants to wear some sort of mask. In fact, one of Zaza's more remote suburbs makes its entire living by trying on masks to be used for this ball. The origin of the masquerade, a term which has come to be understood worldwide as a masked ball, is not certain. However, rumour has it that the practice actually hails from this town's original philosophy of fellowship that when masks are worn, the distinctions of race and social standing are eliminated. Ironically today, the festival has become synonymous with spectacle. The city's labyrinth-like streets overflow each year with the exchange of ornate masks and fantastic jewels with which festival participants may adorn themselves with to vie for the distinction of most splendid, a competition that is becoming increasingly common.

(From a Moveable Feast Guide, Parabola Knights Edition)

As Intense as the Rising Sun!!
Will Mystery Contestant be Zaza's Next Heir?

A strange assassin appeared at Sunday's Mascorrida, the likes of which the tournament had never seen. The mysterious gladiator, enshrouded in armour so dark that is appeared his entire body was made of steel, left a most unusual and forboding impression on the crowd. The origins of this warrior, who just barely made the deadline for this year's match, are completely unknown. If we are to believe the few words the warrior has spoke of himself, his most recent living was as a mercenary in the East. Since the candidate's face is well-hidden inside that strongly built armour, it is impossible to read his expressions. Still, this somehow only intensifies the impression of sheer determination that radiates from his entire body. What is certain is that no other contestant has been able to withstand his advance in the rankings, and currently, no other candidate will face him willingly.
Certainly, he has taken the city of Zaza by storm.
This man seems as sure to rise as champion as the sun is sure to rise in the East.

It is easy to see how one of his calibre would become known as the Warrior of the Rising Sun.

(From a local Zaza newspaper)

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