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Volume 02

Sleeping children
Wake with the roosters
A little differently
In this Adonis

Up with the sun
They hopped, hopped, hopped
But when the bears came
So did bedtime

Now soundly, so soundly
They will sleep
But all is not peaceful...
What could it be?

Slap their still faces
And you will soon see
How a child's warm bed
Can become a cold coffin

(From the Adonis Lullabye Collection- Private Printing Edition)

Grape Stepping Song

Hey, step! C'mon, step!!
It's time to pluck some clockwork grapes
And wake this town of timely slaves

Do it, step! Do that step!!
No time to be carefree or asleep
Check the barrel- up time creeps

Hey, step! C'mon, step!!
Go round-n-round-n-round like gears
Wind up your courage, lose your fears

Do it, step! Do that step!!
Morning's coming, sure as tides
Without the clocks, the sun will rise!!!

(From the oral tradition of the Imps of Adonis)

For successful handling of a Porvora, the following five points should always be heeded:

1. Placing the animal near fire is strictly prohibited.
2. If a shock vibration triggers an explosion, move as far away from the animal as possible.
3. Carefully earplug the animal during sleep, as accidental explosion may occur if it is awoken by sudden noises.
4. Although chocolate is the animal's food of choice, all traces of bitterness must be removed, and milk should be added for best results.
Most importantly:
5. Whenever possible... do NOT handle a Porvora.

(From the Authoratative Text on Handling Dangerous Animals, Vol. 1)

Fake is fake, after all...
It's me. I think about my daughter too much.
Once, my eyes and hands remembered her so well
I made a life-sized clay statue of her.
Yep... I tried. But...

In the end, it sank...
into the lava rapids...

Melted away, just like that.
I guess a cluster of gongs is still just noise after all...
Empty noise... is no substitute for what's real in the world.

Still, it's been hard to tell the difference sometimes.
That's why I've been living here like this...

Now? Now I'm content.
In fact, I'm quite happy. Because no matter what,
I'll be meeting that girl again real soon...

(Recollections of an old Europa man, living in a shack on the outskirts of Jupiter)

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