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Episode 03:
The Adonis Capital of Time (Part 1)

This episode starts with Jing and Kir having a leisurely dip in a jungle sauna, with Kir unsurprisingly complaining that the fact that they haven't met any women recently is like a martini without the alcohol. Jing laughs at this, and is about to lie back and relax when an old man, also in the sauna, comes over and asks him where he is heading as he has never seen him before. Jing replies that he intends to go to Adonis, prompting a shocked response from the old man. The man tells Jing and Kir that they must be mistaken, or mad, as Adonis is the capital of time, ruled by a madman and completely at the mercy of the clock. Jing shrugs this off, saying that the only reason he wants to go to this cursed city is because there is a great treasure hidden there- the Clockwork Grapes. Leaving the man gaping in shock, he and Kir get up and exit the sauna.
The scene changes to Jing and Kir (now properly dressed :3) walking calmly up to the formidable gates of Adonis. There they meet Postino, and Jing remarks that he is surprised that he makes deliveries 'this far'. Postino replies that yes, he does, but they won't let him in and he'll have to try again tomorrow. Before leaving, he also passes on the essential knowledge that Jing should avoid the giant hour-glass that towers above all other buildings in the north-east of the city, as time flows very fast there. With these mysterious words, he jumps on his motorbike and drives off.
Now Jing and Kir near the gates themselves, decorated above by a very high wall and on either side by two large gargoyles. Kir flies off above Jing to check for danger over the wall, but as soon as he gets close to the top of the wall is fired at and falls back to the ground. Jing seems unsurprised, and as Kir is not hurt does not dwell on it, and moves towards the gates. As he does so the two 'gargoyles' reveal themselves to really be the Adonis Gatekeepers, who tell him that visiting hours were finished exactly 2 hours, 36 minutes and 47 seconds ago (or something to this effect). Jing shrugs, says that that's a shame, and strolls towards the gates. The Gatekeepers grin, leaping down from their pedestals, and produce two thorned vines, which they continue to spin round with each other like skipping ropes. They get faster and faster until the two vines are merely a spiky blur, then smile and tell Jing that he is now allowed to proceed to the gates, if he dares. Jing pauses for a moment, exchanges glances with his bird, and then steps into the ropes.
Incredibly, Jing (with Kir on his shoulder) dodges every single rope easily, passing through the spinning death trap in a few seconds without so much as a scratch. The Gatekeepers gape in amazement, whilst the ever-cool Jing casually enters Adonis, snidely telling them that they should shut the gate soon, or someone who's not meant to might enter the city. This is too much for the Gatekeepers, who are infuriated by his comment, and charge after him shouting that he has five, no a mere three, seconds left before they crush him. With his back to his attackers, Jing waits until the last moment, then jumps up avoiding the furious guardians who smash into a wall and are defeated. Leaving the concussed Gatekeepers, he and Kir decide to explore the city.
They are not walking for long before Kir spots a group of people crowding around something, and tells Jing. Intrigued, they decide to investigate, and on closer inspection find that the crowd is watching a public execution of a beautiful young girl. Kir flies in and demolishes the swinging blade immediately, incredulous asking what she's done, and if her crime was being too beautiful. Jing appears and asks the strangely angry crowd why she is being punished. They reply that she was late for 'Mastergear', an unforgivable crime. They are clearly repressed by this mysterious Mastergear, and terrified of him. Just as Jing hears this, a crash announces the arrival of another person- Mastergear himself. The crowd shriek in horror, and flee, leaving only the white-haired young man. Jing faces him with Kir, and uses Kir Royale. He is unscathed. Refusing to give in, Jing uses it again, but the man cries 'Sherry', and in a flash of white light a beautiful white two-tailed wolf appears, and counters with her own version of Kir Royale, shooting Jing back into a brick wall, which collapses.

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