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I'm tired of WWE insulting our intellegence and our tastes I'm tired of crappy storylines like the lita pregnancy angle, I'm tired of all the talk and no wrestling. I'm asking my fellow fans to strike and boycott Smackdown, Raw, and any other WWE programming! WWE thinks that they can tell us what we want to see I saw we go on strike and show them that the fans are what make the WWE not what the WWE make the fans. I'm tired of the Triple H show and the real champion Benoit getting little or no mic time or air time. It's all about Triple H on Raw. Oh and for Smackdown JBL is not Championship material anyone who says other wise I will tell you to your face you are an idiot, sure he deserves to be on the roster but he is not a main event talent. Vince made a bad call and whats with all the Gimmicks on Smackdown? Smackdown doesn't need gimmicks it needs soul. Why not try to actual push the wrestling aspect of world WRESTLING let me stress that again world WRESTLING entertainment. Why not try chain wrestling, false finishes, and being unpredictable! WWE needs to stop punishing guys who stuck with WCW and ECW. Anyone see RVD v. Eddie Guerrero on Raw for the IC title in a ladder match? I did and that was the main event on the show? So why can't RVD or Booker T get a shot at the Smackdown World title? I'll tell you why because they stuck by there feds until the end and didn't jump ship like cowards and ended up being screwed by Vince "The Hitler of Wrestling" McMahon! So I'm pleading with you from one wrestling fan to another please give me a week of not supporting WWE from the 17th to the 1st of august please just say no to WWE!