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Jaku Konbit History

Jaku Konbit was established for people of Afrikan origin and descent, by a group of committed and dedicated community members from Afrikan and the Caribbean. In November 1999 the founding members first met to discuss and lay the groundwork what would eventually emerge as Jaku Konbit. The founding members shared the common vision and aspiration for a strong g and united Afrikan community, on a local, national and international level. Inspired by past achievements of Afrikan people, and motivated by their ingenuity and creativity, the founded members set out to initiate and develop the process that would rebuild and restore Afrikan people to their original greatness.

The objective was to establish and maintain an organization that could effectively deal with the lack of vision, leadership and unity in the Black community; and to plan, build and implements strategies that would facilitate self-reliance, economic cooperation, networking, family and nation building. This task is being met faithfully by the founding members who work diligently and persistently in crafting the ideology and philosophy of the organization. An ideology, which reaffirms the Afrikan, culturally identity, embraces the principles of self-reliance, promotes the concept of Afrikan centeredness and advance the knowledge of Pan-Afrikanism. Jaku Konbit was incorporate with the Federal Government in Canada on February 23, 2000. Since then, Jaku Konbit has been actively engaged in a number of community events, programs and initiatives.

On September 27, we launched the Academy of Heru Auset Saturday cultural program for children of African descent age 4- 12- designed to build self-esteem and leader skills in our children.

A group of Jaku Konbit leaders

Ken's Art