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Almost all religion like Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo (Felix Manalo , Erdie Manalo), Born Again, Jehovas Witnesses (Charles Taze Russel), Jesus is Lord Church (Eddie Villanueva), El Shaddai (Mike Velarde), Latter day Saints (Ellen G. White), Catholics, and other Cults & Religions claims that they are the true church, they are the true Christians. But how could we know that it is true?

This website INC Exposed (Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo "Church of Christ") in particular is an exposition of what they do in the real world, we will also include biblical insites in their preaching, doctrines.

Church of Christ by Manalo (INC) also know as Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo is a religion that was founded by Felix Ysagun Manalo.

Some of the personalities of Ministers of Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo - Church of Christs of Manalo Minister are seen below.

Peoples Tonight - Philippines Newspaper

March 5, 1994
Three members of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) said to be "vigilantes" or members of the INC Security force - including two policeman ........View Newspaper
Bandera - Philippines Newspaper
February 11, 2002
Iglesia ni Cristo which he described as a financial institution masquerading as a religious sect........View Newspaper
Abante - Philippines Newspaper
February 28, 1989 - Tuesday
Ministro namaril - Pagkapikon ang naging sanhi upang barilin , mapatay at malubhang masugatan ng isang ministro ng Iglesia ni Kristo (INK) ang dalawang lasing na lalaki na nangantiyaw sa relihiyon ng una kamakalawa ng gabi sa Barangay Lamot II Calauang Laguna........View Newspaper
Metro Ngayon - Philippines Newspaper
February 15, 2002
Bugbog sarado ang inabot ng isang pulis - Quezon City mula sa sampu katao na umano ay miembro ng Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) sa tapat ng kanilang simbahan kamakalawa ng gabi sa Caloocan City........View Newspaper
Thanks to the "Let us Reason" for the info
Who is Felix Manalo ?All Rights Reserved 2003 ® Iglesia
The founder of the Iglesia Ni Cristo organization was Felix Manalo. Born On May 10, 1886 to a Catholic family, near Manila in the Philippines. His name Felix (happy) was chosen from the roster of saints from that month. was baptized a Catholic, His mother a devout Roman Catholic who had Felix attend Catechism class where he learned the fundamentals of the Roman Catholic faith. When he became a teenager he went on a spiritual quest through five known denominations. He became a follower of the ''Colorum'' spiriting sect in the Philippines which was secretive and had pilgrimages to a sacred mountain. he left the Church as a teenager In 1904 after witnessing a debate between a Roman catholic priest and a Protestant minister on the use of images, he joined the Methodist Episcopalian Church, attended their Seminary and became a pastor. Iglesia puts it this way" He found that the arguments of the Protestant minister' seemed nearer to the biblical truth, than the pointless rambling of the priest." (GOD'S MESSAGE 1 July - September 1994)
Thanks to the "Bereans" for the info
Iglesia Ni Cristo (1914)

by Justyn

Cult Organization

Iglesia Ni Cristo (1914)

Mr. Felix Manalo Ysagun a.k.a. "Felix Ysagun Manalo" or "Ka Felix" (May 10, 1886-April 12, 1963
President Executive Minister

Eraño G. Manalo (1925-present)
Main Headquarter

Quezon City, Philippines
Philippine Membership

Baptized Converts - 6,224 (1997); 7,933 (1998); 13,247 (1999)

Membership - no exact data
Source of Authority

Teachings and prophetic interpretations of Felix Y. Manalo.
The Holy Bible (any text version except those that doesn't support their theology)
Pasugo (first published 1939) or God's Message Magazine - contains doctrines and commentaries written by the INC ministers.
INC executive minister, authorities and local ministers.
Countries Penetrated (66)

Africa - 8
Central America - 4
North America - (a) Canada - 6 (b) U.S.A. - 39
South America - 2
Caribbean - 1
Asia - 23
Australia & Oceania - 11
Europe - 15
Unbiblical Beliefs

Vehemently oppose the Biblical revelation of the Triune God.
Believes in the absolute oneness of God the Creator in the Person of the Father.
Believes the Son as the literal Word (which has no pre-existence) who became man. He was given power by the Father to do supernatural miracles. He is not God.
Believes in an impersonal Holy Spirit, a power sent by the Father in the name of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is not God but one of the spirits sent by God.
Believes the Father (Creator) and Son (creature) must be worshipped. The Son must be worshipped because the Father says so.
Believes a person must hear the "gospel" from authorized INC messengers and INC ministers. They are the only ones who have God's Holy Spirit in order for them to understand the Bible.
Believes the official name of the church is "Iglesia ni Cristo" while other names are not.
Believes a person must be a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), be water baptized, follow the church rules (must avoid the eating of "dinuguan," avoid joining labor unions, avoid court sessions, do block voting, be under compulsory church attendance, practice giving to the church) and perform his good deeds as an INC member in order for him to be saved.
Believes Felix Y. Manalo is the fulfillment of Isaiah 43:5-7; 46:11, and Rev. 7:2-3 prophecies.
They also believe in "soul sleep," a belief that at death, the souls dies. There is no consciousness. (A belief of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church - Ellen G. White).

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