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The Superintendent of the Military Acadamy, Lt. Gen. Lennox, may or may not have said the following about Cadet Josh Wiley:

'Ol Hunka is the lifeblood of this institution. Think about it, when someone says "West Point," who comes to mind? Lee, Grant, MacArthur, Eisenhower.....Hunka. We're actually thinking of replacing the Patton statue with a big hunk of meat in his honor.

Hunka's Hideout

Hunka Bio

Listen to Hunka at our Hunka Soundboard


Deep thoughts by the hunk a meat

Check out these pics:

Do the Hunka dance Hunka dreams of cupcakes Hunka's Butt

The hazy picture below is from a bigfoot sighting in West Virginia. After digitally remastering it and putting it under 50x

magnification, it is clear that hunka is the true yetti.

This page is devoted to the most squared away cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point..... Since May 2003

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