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Matt Thomas...What can we say. No one says anything bad about Matt Thomas, but that doesnt mean that nothing can be said. Matt Thomas is a quiet kid. Some might see the strong silent type, others the quiet cool, but most people may see it as a shortcoming. Close friends know that he can talk all he wants when comfortanle, but others probably think he is socially inept. For some odd reason his room is completely blue - ceiling, walls, rug. Weird. There are many people who say Matt Thomas is the cutest looking of the three, and they're probably right. He does have the longest hair, and has been referred to many times as all members of the Beatles, as well as any other musician or famous person who has long hair. He also goes to school at Brookdale and is currently employed at National Breeders Puppy Kennel in Middletown. He has recently become single and you should definately vote for him.