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There are many people who would say - "George Thomas? What an ugly looking scrub. Scrawny mother fucker looks like a hobbit gone to armenia. Damn kid laughs like a jackass. Check out the picture. He's got a golden earring. What a fucking pussy. The kid can't bling-bling to save his fucking life. Who the fuck is gonna vote for this god damn gay hood ornament anyway? A useless bitch is what he is. He looks like a cross between dougie howser, screech powers, and a goddamn hobbit. Fuck bilbo baggins.", but we all know its not true. It had been rumored that George kissed a girl once, but has recently been proven that he kissed a girl. He's definately a good-looking kid... especially with that new haircut. George spends his days either at Brookdale or Pathmark, but you can bet he's at Pathmark more. Theres always work to be done. He plays guitar in the band called Transit, and recently got rid of that old blue truck. You should definately vote for him.