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Help Pay My Bills

A lot of people struggle with money. I am no exception. I have read of several people online that have struggled with their bills and have asked for help. I am a firm believer in Karma; Positive, caring actions will bring positive results back to you, whereas negative, hurtful actions will result in your suffering. I have lived my life by this rule, and as my mother always told me to do, I have treated people the way I wish to be treated.
I volunteer for Habitat for humanity, local soup kitchens, and when I have been able, I have donated my money. Unfortunatly I have run out of money and instead, have run into bills totalling $42,954.68. More than half of these bills are from student loans, the other half from poor investments. This is not a scam, I unfortunatly, really do have this much debt. I do not drink, smoke, gamble, or do drugs, so if you help, I can promise you, the money will not be wasted!
You may be thinking to yourself, "What a loser!" And believe me, I know I am. Feel free to e-mail me and tell me you think so, but as you know, we are all our own worst critic and nothing you could say would be any harsher than what I have told myself. I am so disgusted that I have allowed myself to get to this point. Begging people for money is not my idea of sucess, and at 25, I thought I would have more sucess.
I know that money does not grow on trees and I do not EXPECT anything from anybody except maybe some accurate comments on how sad and pathetic I am. However, if you are able to help, even with $1.00, the gesture and kindness will not go unnoticed. I know that there are some very generous people in this world who have hearts of gold and I appreciate anyone who has even taken the time to read my story.
Please don't feel obligated to help, but if you have an extra $1.00 lying around, I would certainly put it to good use!
My address: Lindsey Wood, 54234 Horizon Drive, Shelby Township, MI 48316
E-mail any comments or questions to:
Or donate through PayPal via the web using the "donate" link below.
Beginning Debt: $42954.68 Current Debt: $42954.68 Last Updated: 03/19/2004

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