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Age: 18

Fav color: Yellow & Green
Fav food: Vegetable soup, Chicken & Rice soup, Chicken Noodle soup
Fav drinks: Root Beer, Mauntain Dew, Apple juice
Fav T.V Shows: WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Smallville, Angel, Ultimate Muscle, Justice League
Fav Movies: The Butterfly Effect, The Scorpion King, Die Another Day, X2 X-Men United, Terminator 2
Fav VideoGames: Final Fantasy 9, Counter-Strike, Smackdown Here Comes The Pain
Fav Songs: So Far Away by Staind, Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven, Stop Crying your heart out by Oasis
Fav Superstars/Characters: The Rock/Dwayne Johnson, 007 James Bond, Jackie Chan, WWE KANE, The Terminator

Places that I would like to visit someday: WWE Niagra Falls, Los Angeles/Hollywood, New York City

People who will always remain as memories:
- Shamas
- Joseua Stone
- John
- Stephanie Koropatnick
- King T
- Eliminator
- Zack