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Welcome to my horribly designed, "quick and easy" website dedicated to a new project I am simply calling "Gregg's NES PC". Full picture documentation and a log of my thoughts will find their way to this website as soon as the project officially gets underway!

Credit (and due respect) goes to Wesson & his website for the original concept, and inspiring me to tackle this kind of project.


The idea is to design an AFFORDABLE computer small enough to fit inside the shell of a Nintendo Entertainment System. If my calculations are correct (are they ever?), it will cost under 400 dollars and be capable of basic Windows applications such as Winamp for the Mp3s, Various Game Roms, AIM, and Internet Explorer.


05.04.03 (1:27pm) I got a little time this morning to start painting the mouse and keyboard the way I want it. I took a few pictures with my digital camera, and I will post them up as time permits. The painting isn't near done. Infact, it's lookin a little jacked right now. It's important when spraypainting plastic that you do it in shade and AWAY FROM FALLING OBJECTS IN @#%*$^@$ TREES!! Modders more often than not have a luxury I am not used to, SPACE. I have to sacrifce a perfectly good poster and sit my ass on the ground under a big pine tree. Luckily, my old man is letting me borrow a spot in his shop to operate. I got tired of fooling with it today. I have to go to work later, so I'll probably doctor the paint job tomorrow morning. A few of my parts are here, but more are scheduled to arrive Monday or Tuesday. As soon as I get a day off, my project will finally start to move a little bit!!

04.28.03 (2:38pm) Ebay rules! I just paid for the NES system I will be using for my project. Including shipping, I ended up spending 21 bucks. Last night, I went crazy scouring the internet for parts to this beast. I think I ended up buying EVERYTHING I need, and from the looks of it, this is going to be a decent computer. Once all orders are at my house, a final listing of specs and expenditures will be put together for the site. I was going to go ahead and pick up a really cheap keyboard and mouse today and paint them, but I don't want to spend any money for awhile. As my gut feeling told me, I am positive I went over 400 dollars, but not by much.. :)

04.27.03 (3:13pm) In a total of 10 minutes, the website is designed and ready for the Internet. It will slowly evolve into an idiots tutorial on how to use trial and error to get a computer such as this to work. I admit it, I consider myself an intermediate computer hardware junkee. Pictures and step by step instruction are coming soon! I won't start receiving my supplies for another week or so.


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