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Gaather's Pictures

I thoguht I would do something like Meno's post on the forums with pictures. I did it on a seperate site because some of these pictures will take up space and I don't want to slow the forums down any more than they are.
This is taken from both Jinso and Gaather's screenshots taken over the years. Some are histarical some are just people who are in guild from a long time ago and some are just there cause there cool or weird.

old school cladar
Who is that sexy ogre on the side?!?

old school zeladan
OMFG FOOTBALL, that says it all I think. Pls don't ban me for using OMFG.

OMFG that is a train
Choo Choo... hey monks how many points would that sucker be worth?

Sometimes you wonder
So the viscious cycle continues.

Getting kicked otuta DF
Getting kicked out of DF isn't very hard to do... is it?