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Salaam aleikum! This is the guild website for Beware of MAYA. It's open to anyone, not just guild members - I don't go for shameless advertising gimmicks like forcing people to join to look at the website. The website itself should encourage people to join.

I believe that Neopets is no longer the community it used to be. I am not a fan of the site anymore, but its immense popularity allows me to make my idea of Beware of MAYA into a reality using the guild system. Not that it's been a success so far, I'll give you that.

In her radio interview with NPR, Olivia Harrison talked about insane fans who still write to George as if he were alive. I am not one of these people and I do not wish to speak to people who would do this. I simply respect the man and think he serves as the anti-celebrity...he never did stupid publicity stunts. He looked inward, as we all should.

Here you will not find general biographical information on George Harrison - that is not the purpose of this organization. The purpose is to make sure that everyone understands his ideas and his life, especially the people who pass both of these off as Satanic and evil. These people need to accept him. Not because he was a Beatle or because he was famous, but because of what he brought to the West. He brought us Eastern spirituality and music. I, for one, am forever grateful.

God bless.

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