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Hello and welcome to my online wholesale site

Hello and welcome to my online wholesale site!! I will be carrying the newest and best of the most wanted items of today at wholesale prices..

I am one of the best online sellers there is and trusted, so purchase with confidence of getting what you want at great prices.

We will be carrying other items such as jeans, t-shirts, shirts, and, jackets. etc.

Just email me at

for more info...............


Prices for Throwbacks are as follows--->>>>


Single jersey to 5 jerseys are $65.00 each        (shipping is $3.00 each jersey)

7 jerseys to 15 jerseys are $55.00 each           (shipping is $1.50 each jersey)

Anything more than 20 jerseys are $50.00 each   (shipping is  free)

Wholesale buyers who buy on a weekly basics will have a purchaser account which they can buy at min. prices (etc $50.00)



Rules of Purchasing and ordering info--->>>


(Shipping:) varies from customer to customer and depends on aspects of a order given.....

once payments are received for large orders over 10 or more jerseys these are shipping options

1.) Next day or overnight     (For customers who want there items fast, only pay pal and overnight money orders. customer pays for this shipping method, will tally cost when ordered)

2.) 2-3 day priority mail   (Basic shipping method for all orders, timing depends on when payment is received and how many jerseys ordered) Example:  Pay pal for 3 sent Monday jersey shipped next Monday with Tracking number. So Turnaround time is a week and a half.....


(Payments:::) I accept Pay pal, Money Orders, Western Union, Cash . So anything that is both secure and safe for me and my customers. Email me at for address to ship money orders etc.

When placing a jersey order please add other jerseys in the order just in case they are not in stock at that time. (example: your placing 5 add 10)

When Sending a order put in subject ( ORDER) and in the email put what you are getting your address and how you are paying..


Thanks and happy shopping :)  :)