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Welcome to the Superior College of Learning, home of:

OOC World Locations

In a world with so much hate, they exist. Humans have always held a hatred or fear for the unknown, even when it concerned their own species...they feared. A different color, an accent, a religion, or even a family tradition could breed the hatred. It is into this world that they live and fear for their own lives.
Genes have been altered, humans have been turned into another species, a breed superior to that of the human race. They were scattered over the world, fearful of being found out or hell-bent to show the humans they were better.
It is in this time that a school was purchased with the goal to make it a haven for those who were gifted...mutants.
The headmaster of this school (located in Santa Monica, CA) has been given a mission, a mission to bring those selected under his roof. His goal to teach them to control their special abilities and to use them to help others. A database houses the information on every mutant that the Superior College of Learning knows about, a letter was delivered to each of the mutants chosen.
You have been selected. There will be someone to meet you at the airport.

That was the only message. A plane ticket was enclosed and that was it. It was up to those chosen to take the blind step to see what fate had in store for them.

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