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Lord Suman Thais I was looking through the guild list and lately, I've noticed the guild getting bigger. However, I've also noticed that we're losing some core members lately. Fade and Square Waffle both quit. Well, I for 1 am amongst several members that isn't happy with how admittance is run lately. We're letting lots of noobs in, but no really dignified people, and the good 1s are leaving. However, I realized something. Maybe adimssions is too much of a task to look over. I can understand being a leader that you've got little time for it. So I had a thought about having a small committee that will look over all new possible entrants (other than the vices). And Fade wanted to be something in this guild, so if this idea floats, I think he would be great for this job. He's apparently got a knack for figuring out the bad 1s and the good 1s. If he'll come back to the guild, he'd be great for this. I hope you understand, and I hope these ideas are of value to you. If you'd like, I can also send all of this to others to get other thoughts on these possible solutions to what feels like a growing problem. Please respond with some feedback to these ideas and ideals Stonequake (reply to Ab')