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sn: Godfathers Asylum 
 Godfathers AsyŁum: Darsh, Kevin, Roger, Christian, and Dean!  Angel Sanctuary(Formerly known as the femmiez):Tash,Saira,Juhi and Megha   Gt Rude Gyalz:Roonie,Liz,Sam,Steff,Chrissy and Amrita. Dawgz and Famz: Richard, Jenny, Maria, Vanessa, Nessa, Jenny, Jenny, Danny, Danny, Navin, Pam, Tosh, Ravi, Arvin, Azi, Raff, Mikey, Anthony, Peter, Nick, my very good friend Hennessey and Hypnotic,Lochan,Jay,James,Nicole,Hema,Amanda P.,Alisha,Vicky,Susan(Deh hottie at visionworks in brandon!) and Raymond, Kevin, and whoever else, the list is gettin long and Dont want yuh to stare a long time fuh see ya name so..... jus email me and ill add ya!