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Final Transmission

August 7, 19__
3:34 p.m.
WIIG, Pittsburgh

…the president has sent the Bill to the House for further considerations.

In local news, bizarre sightings have been reported in the outskirts of Zelienople. Citizens of the small town have been flooding the local 911 system with calls regarding roaming bands of people acting in a highly unusual manner. The people are reported to move about as if in a trance-like state, completely unaware of their surroundings. Rumors abound that they may be patients from a nearby mental facility who simply walked off the grounds en masse. The state police will neither confirm nor deny these suspicions, stating only that citizens should take caution when approached by these individuals…

August 8, 19__
4:14 a.m.
WNVN, Cleveland

…causes for the nationwide epidemic have ranged from the bizarre to the down right ludicrous. The Center for Disease Control is making no statements at this time, however a spokesperson did state that there is no apparent contagion at work and citizens should not panic…

August 8, 19__
8:23 a.m.
WVET, Chicago

…the national guard have blockaded all major roadways, and local authorities are still advising civilians to remain indoors. Authorities also advise that doors should be kept locked and windows barricaded to the best extent possible.

Citizens are warned not to take matters in their own hands. Those stricken by this ‘disease’ are extremely violent and should be avoided at all costs…

August 8, 19___
7:01 p.m.
KOAI, Los Angeles

…the common consensus at this time is that the dead have apparently begun rising from their graves. The cause for this amazing phenomenon is still unknown at this time, but the President is slated to address the issue in an emergency State of the Union Address sometime between 9 and 10 Western Standard Time.

Scientists from the Washington Observatory have voiced the theory that the rising of the recently departed may be tied to a recent astrological event concerning Venus…

August 9, 19___
1:12 a.m. EST
From the Presidential Address

…at this time I can only wish all of you well. Know that your armed forces have been deployed throughout the country with orders to seek out and destroy this threat to our great nation. Know that your leaders face this threat beside you. Together we can overcome. God Bless each of you and keep you well…

August 9, 19__
6:47 a.m.
WKWY, New Orleans

…rioters swarmed the 417th Air Force base in San Diego. Demands have been made that the military airlift the group to Hawaii, the rioters believing that an island would be easier to clear and keep defended. No word as the standoff continues into it’s fifth hour…

August 9, 19__
4:53 p.m.
WEAJ, Philadelphia

…Marshal Law has taken effect in dozens of cities across the country. Concerns have been voiced that these orders did not come directly from the White House. Rather, that these are rogue military units set upon conquering an already weakened nation.
The White House has issued no statement at this time…

August 10, 19__
6:45 a.m.
KPYI, Houston

…that a sudden brain injury, such as a gunshot is the preferred method. Reports vary as to whether or not decapitation is a viable solution, as many headless corpses have been reported walking…

August 10, 19__
8:12 a.m.
WATM, Buloxi

…are asked to fatally injure their fallen loved ones, by piercing the brain in whatever manner possible. The CDC has added that the fallen corpses should be summarily burned. While this is not a necessary step to prevent resurrection, it is an important health issue…

August 11, 19__
12:02 p.m.
WLHM, Washington D.C.

…fearing a massive in pouring of people seeking safe havens, the U.S. Coast Guard remains on high alert, attacking any ship approaching our borders…

August 11, 19__
3:57 p.m.
WLEO, Richmond

…the following is a list of such shelters, however those seeking haven should be prepared for a physical examination. Concerns are still high after the debacle in Oxford, where a man snuck his stricken children into the compound…

August 12, 19__
10:04 a.m.
WLDR, Charleston

…This station is experiencing technical difficulties…Please stand by…This station is experiencing technical difficulties…Please stand by…

August 12, 19__
2:45 p.m.
KAER, Seattle

…reports seem to confirm that the wrecked plane is indeed Air Force One. Sightings of the President and his key cabinet members shambling across the …

August 13, 19__
4:29 a.m.
KTAI, Fort Worth

…our final broadcast. I just want to say that it has been both an honor and a privilege to serve this listening area and I wish each of you the best of luck. God Bless…

August 14, 19__
3:56 a.m.
WEDS, Memphis

…America/ Land that I love/ Stand beside her/ And guide her/ through the night…

August 17, 19__
11:14 a.m.
WDNO, Miami

…it IS the Apocalypse. God has sent down his rath upon this sinful planet. Only those tucked in Christ’s fold will be spared! Accept Him! Accept Him and be spared!

We will now read from the book of Revelations…

August 20, 19__
1:02 a.m.
WRIN, Detroit

…it’s not over…

August ?, 19__
Time Unknown
Somewhere in Pennsylvania

…I will broadcast this message as often as possible. Again, my name is Matt Reader. I am a survivor. I am located in the old broadcasting tower outside of Zelienople, Pennsylvania. I have come to put and end to this. And since this is where it started, I believe the answers are here.

To anyone in range of this transmission: I will broadcast this message as often as possible. Again, my name is Matt Reader. I am a survivor…

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