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Dear Beth


Paul Arnold

Dear Beth,

How are you baby? I just received your letter, and you have no idea how much it cheered me up. I miss you so much, but it's always worse at night. Lt. Welch says that we're being recalled, and should be home next week. You have no idea how excited I am about seeing you. Are things okay there? I've caught so much hell being the new guy from the other guys. It's all in good fun, nothing too bad, you know how it is, I have to be initiated into the group, right? (Smile)

Things are pretty bad out here. We haven't come upon any survivors for weeks, only more and more dead. When I volunteered, I thought I would be doing some good, helping people, but I'm tiring of the attacks by civilians, defecting military, gangs, all of it. In a way, the zombies are the least dangerous…they can't shoot you, or knife you in the back when you're asleep. One of the boys freaked out, and shot himself in the foot. God help me, I laughed so hard I squirted my underwear. Bennett is taking care of me like a big brother, but he does the same for Brad too, so I'm not going to paint too much into it. Still, it's nice to have someone looking out for you, right?

Have you gotten the triage job yet? I hope you can get it, I know how bad you want to help out too. Christ knows we all better button up and start helping one another out, or we'll all be toast. It's almost sun up, so I'll have to be going soon. Beth, I've seen so many bad things here. Sometimes I want to talk to someone, but the other guys don't seem to want to dwell on any of it. Adrian, a volunteer like me, says that after a few months I'll understand, and "Keep my wise-ass cracker mouth shut." He may seem like a jerk, but he gave me a few extra cans of Pepsi after I saved his butt. He had slipped off the rail of the evac-chopper, when I grabbed him. He may not have fallen, but by the look in his eyes, he thought he was a goner. So yeah, I'm with alright guys. Well Bay, the sun is starting to peek up, and I hear the lieutenants watch going off, so I better wrap up this letter. I love you so much, and I can't wait until I see you next week. Until then,


Dear Walker,

Hello lover! When I got your letter, I cried for fifteen minutes before I could read it! I was so scared when I hadn't heard back from you that I thought the worst. Kara says to say hello, and that she plans to show you just how good your little sister has gotten at making 3-pointers from half-court. (Smile) She really is coming back, but sometimes I still hear her crying at night. Yes, I got the job in the infirmary. Its hard work, but we've only had two girls come in since I've started. I've asked around, and most of the other soldiers say that search and destroy duty isn't so hard. I'm still scared for you though, so be careful, you hear? (Hug)

Dana, one of the girls from the kitchen said that her "roommate" (whom she likes to sleep around on from what I hear) heard that after winter that we might be able to move back into Dayton. Wouldn't that be great? I'm already excited about being able to wear something other than stuff from the PX!

They're training everyone on firearms maintenance this week. Crazy huh? (Smile) I saw on the news today that we finally lost Norfolk. They boarded people onto the ships up until (and during) the last second, then they blasted the docks, and hulled several cutters and yachts, I guess to keep looters from being able to use them as easy ways of entry.

They also said that communication was officially lost with Japan, and China. However, Moscow said that they were hopeful of complete containment within the year. News from the BBC still remains strong. We even got another batch of reinforcement fighter planes from the RAF. (I can't wait until you get back, Colleen McCallister, a pilot, said that she would give you a ride!) For the most part they're a good bunch, still a little miffed about having to come and help us, the "cunting yanks" we are. (Wink) How are things out there Walk? You know that if you need to talk, you can tell me anything, right? I can handle it, we both know how much we've each seen…talk to me Walk, don't worry, okay? Well, my break is almost over, so I'm going to wrap this one up. Who knows, you may already be on your way home! Love you!

Dear Beth,

Hey Bay, as I'm sure you already know, they recalled our leave. I just got your letter and I had some free time, so I figured that I would write you real quick. Tell Kara that I still plan on showing her up when I get back for me! Adrian got a letter from some chick he'd been bagging when he was in. She wrote to tell him that she wasn't going to write him anymore, and that this was her last letter. "Oh" he said, just like that. "Oh." Now he's been taking it out on the deaders we come across. Listen Bay, I have to talk to somebody, okay? Things out here are getting worse. Towns are in flames instead of intact, and the zombies just keep coming. We've also come under fire several times already this week, and the L.T. thinks we might have wondered into some kind of turf or territory that someone had staked out for themselves. We've come across the bodies of a few hundred, just staked out in the open. Most are on inverted crosses, but some are on billboards, strung up on power and telephone poles, and Bay, most of them look like they were alive when they were…well, you know. The lieutenant has requested that we get evacuated, but they turned him down. In the night, sometimes, when the wind is right, we can hear things…it sounds like machinery or something. Well, the sun is right overhead and I'm baking, so I'm going to go lie under the Humvee for a while. I love you Beth.



God, I hope you get this. I've been shot, and Adrian and me took the Hummer. Beth, we were attacked, they came in from nowhere, and they hit us. I'm bleeding bad, and I really don't think I'll make it. If I do, then I'll show you this and we can laugh. I think we've left them behind, and I think we're in U.P.F. territory. Maybe we'll come across a patrol, in fact I'd be surprised if we DIDN'T. If I don't make it though…just please tell Kara I love her, and please know that I love you so much. I could never believe that we had both made it so far. Maybe we'll still have further to go? Who can say. Its getting hard to hold the pencil Bay…

Ms. Beth Mcall
Wing: West Block 4 Red Dist.
Re: Walker Thomason

Miss Mcall, we regret to inform you that the body of Walker Thomason was found in an abandoned Humvee just outside of Coxton, Ohio. It appears he and his unit were attacked by a yet unidentified group. We sincerely express our sorrow for your loss, and convey our care for you in your hour of need.