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Racoon City: A Nice Place to Live?


Paul Arnold

Gunfire tore across the pavement, blasting shards of decimated concrete onto the huddling survivors. "Okay, run your asses off", yelled Greg, pulling the trigger of his HK USP as fast as his trigger finger could manage. "Remember, aim for the heads, that's the quickest way to take 'em down." Chris and Brad both jumped up, and began spraying the area with as much buckshot as they had in their guns.

Halfway across the city, Police Chief Brian Irons scowled at the skyline as he listened to the gunfire. "Stupid idiots, tearing up my town. They'll all pay." In his own mind, his thinking was rational, but everyone else saw that he was unstable. "Yes, anytime now, they'll be begging to be let in here, where it's safe." It was just then when Mayor Harris stepped up behind him.

"Brian, I want your word that nothing will happen to my daughter. With these things running around, there's no telling what could happen to me. But, I want you to take personal care of her."

"Of course I will, I'll make sure she never leaves my side…"

The zombies were beginning to overwhelm the small force when someone called for the retreat back to the station. It was then, that one of the main barricades broke and zombies spilled out onto the pavement. "Does anyone have another grenade?"

"I need some more shells over here…"

"Oh shit, I'm out of bullets…"

Gunfire erupted from somewhere uptown, probably from the Trask district. "Chris, you okay?"

Chris Marcus looked up into his father's eyes, and saw the naked desperation underneath. "Yeah, I'm fine, but I could probably use some more shells…"

Cary Lawrence looked up from his hiding place and desperately hoped that those creatures wouldn't find him here. "How much could go wrong", he asked himself in tired and desperate voice. When they had been sent to retrieve the G-Virus, the whole team thought it would be a cakewalk. Well, that idea was shot to hell pretty fast. Birkin had resisted, the mission leader and the sarge had shot him and he thought they had gotten away scott free. "So much for that idea", he mused. He was low on ammo, he was hungry and he wasn't sure how long he could keep going under these "Conditions". One of the creatures slammed against the main window, but didn't see him. Man, I really have to get out of here. He looked out of the door, and saw several of the creatures milling around a dead horse, gorging themselves on its flesh. It was now or never…

Once everyone was inside the police station, they closed the outside gate and the several uniformed police officers took up defense positions. With all of the crashed vehicles, the creatures were having trouble getting through with all their limbs intact.

"Hey Ken, watch out. I believe they broke through the north barricades." Bruce didn't bother to listen to the young officers comment, he just wanted to get inside before it really hit the fan. Both of his kids were with him, and he didn't want to endanger them anymore than he had to.


Bruce looked over at Chris and saw that he was also worried about something. "What is it Chris"? He really looked like something had hit him hard…

"That person I shot was my biology teacher"

"Oh man!" thought Bruce, he had to shoot someone he knew… "Well, he wasn't alive anymore, and you put him out of his misery. Ya know?"

"Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself, but I mean, why are they coming after us like that. I mean, they really do look like zombies, but I mean that's impossible, and I mea…"

Kellee, his twin sister, a very down to earth and precise person spoke up, "I think it may be a virus or a bacterial infection, because not everyone got it, only the people who live close to the Umbrella Plant."

Maybe that did have something to do with it but until this was all over, there was no use in pointing fingers…

Cynthia Daniels tried in vain to open the V.A.M. room. "Shit!", she exclaimed desperately. "I've gotta get into that room or I'm good as dead!"

Once the commando's had left, anyone who was able was getting the hell out of dodge in a hurry. She just hoped she could get out before Annette decided to open the pens. She was very serious about killing those commandos, which she thought were still in the lab complex. Finally, she punched in the right security access code and was able to get into the room and to the pistols therein. "I just hope this is enough…"

Once Trent had received the confirmation that the team was inside he felt a little better. They would get the virus, so the suits would be happy, and Ada would get a vial of the virus for him. "Blackmail is truly only for the lazy", he mused looking at the television. He was a little discouraged that Ada hadn't contacted him since that morning, but that could only mean that she was underway with her mission.

The phone rung, and he reached over and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Oh, Thank God Trent, I finally found you. There is another problem in Raccoon."

"What do you mean, weren't the teams successful?"

"We aren't sure about that yet, but one thing is for sure…Raccoon City is now a hot zone."

"Oh my God, they can't have screwed up that badly", he thought, "What is the magnitude?" But he already knew how bad it was, if the G or T series was released inside a population center, then the infected would overcome the uninfected, and the entire city would have to be pacified.

"What do you want me to do?"

Trent thought a minute, and he hoped desperately that they wouldn't send in a Tyrant retriever. Those things were living flesh mated to robotics and they were almost impossible to stop.

"What does White intend to do about it?", Trent asked trying to sound as cold as possible, but inside he was feeling like shit. "I wanted to hurt Umbrella, but I didn't want the innocent to suffer like I had to."

"They have already approved and sent a helicopter to the area with several Tyrant retrievers, but they are only authorized to drop one in."

"Okay, that will do for now. I'm on my way back now."

"Okay, we'll expect you in 10 hours."

"My God, why can't things ever be simple when dealing with Umbrella…"

Once all the refugees were back inside, they herded the other survivors down to the parking garage in the basement. Brad Andrews, kicked out the Army for insubordination, and a collector of military firearms, was one of the people responsible for safeguarding the civilians. "Okay people, move as quickly as possible to the back of the garage so we can fit more people in here."

The only thing the police overlooked was the fact that the security gate was still open. Decaying zombies shambled through, but the refugees did not see them until it was too late.

"Oh shit look out…"

"Oh my God, he bit me…"

It was then that the officers returned to the garage, escorting Mayor Harris and his daughter. "Oh shit", Brad cried out unshouldering his Remington shotgun. He chambered a round, took aim and opened fire. One zombie's face was blown through the back of it's head, while another, not directly hit, only caught the lead in the chest.

As more and more zombies poured in, somehow Brad was pushed out of the room, while Chief Irons was pulling the Mayor's daughter out. A woman in a red dress and black stockings was also in the hall with them both. Out of the effective range of the shotgun, he pulled out a Beretta and tried to cover the civilians escape.

Just as the Mayor was running for the door, a zombie fell between him and the doorway, tripping him and causing him to slam the door shut. Through the door, they could hear his hysterical screams, then they turned gurgly, then stopped altogether. "Well, my dear", Chief Irons said to the weeping girl, "I guess you're stuck with me."

"You son of a bitch, there were almost 20 people in there! They just died because of your incompetence! Aren't you the least broken up about it?"

The Chief tried to stifle his laughter, but it didn't work, "Can I help it if a couple of idiots died because of their own stupidity!?"

About to lose control, Brad stalked past him, and saw the woman in red. "Are you ok, miss?", he asked gently.

She looked up at him, seemingly trying to find the words. "Yes, I'm okay I guess. How did that happen?"

Walking down the hall with her, he steered her to the armory, and said, "Our friend back there had a brain fart and forgot to lower the security gate in the garage." Grimly looking her over, he picked up a 9mm Beretta and asked, "Do you know how to shoot one of these?"

As Cary anxiously paced the room, he kept trying to come up with something to tell Trent about the foul up of the mission. "I gotta think of somethin to tell him", he said nervously. He checked his MP-5 for remaining ammo, and then decided he would go ahead and call. He dialed the emergency number, it was a direct link to Trent. The phone rang once, then twice.

"This is Trent."

"Mr. Trent this is Hunk. We have a problem."

"Yes, I am aware of the current situation. They have sent an…operative to retrieve the sample."

"But sir, I have the sample. The problem is that Birkin was killed and then we were attacked by some…sir, pardon the expression, but we were attacked by some type of monster."

"Where are you now?"

"I'm hiding in the sewers right now sir. That monster…I don't think it can be killed sir."

"Come get it you bastards", said Murray as he gunned down a child zombie. "Little bastards. They should all be killed."

The swat team was trying valiantly to put a heroic face killing the zombies, but the simple fact of the matter was that it was brutal, bloody, and downright sickening. Most of the swat team had sent their families out of town, but some still didn't know how their families were faring. And all of them were scared.

"Jesus, I really do think Murray is getting a kick out of this."

"Well, after one of those killed his mom, he has been after them with a vengance." They all knew he should have been taken off the duty roster, but they simply needed every man who could fire a gun. After the initial attacks, most of the swat team had either been killed or cut off from the rest of the team.

"What we really need is the S.T.A.R.S. They would know how to handle the situation."

"No argument here", sighed Steve. His family lived in rural Raccoon City, so they were safe. The zombies hadn't figured out that there was any life other than the city. As long as the phone lines held out, they should be okay…

As Bruce reloaded his extra clip, he looked over at Greg. Their kids had been friends, because they had been friends. Now, they even dated. "I just hope not too seriously." Maybe that's what has been bothering him. "How long do you think those barricades will hold up?"

"Probably not long enough," replied Bruce.

The barricades had taken a long time to put up, and they had to do it with those…zombies trying to take them down all at the same time…They had lost most of the men just trying to set up those barricades and then had to watch as one by one, they were taken down by those decaying sacks of flesh.

When Barry had told him what had happened at the Spencer estate, he had actually believed that the S.T.A.R.S actually had done what the papers said they did. But now, he knew they had been right the whole time…

Chris and Mollie stood just inside the locker rooms on the ground floor. With all the police hurrying around, it was hard to get some time to themselves. At the moment the locker room was the only place where they could be alone.

"Chris, I am so scared!"

"Yeah, me too, but all we gotta do is wait for those guys that your dad called to get here, and well be okay."

"Of course I don't really believe that", said Chris to himself. He could still remember when it all hit the fan…


"Man this place is REALLY deserted", said Chris, "where is everybody?" He wasn't disappointed that the drive-in was almost deserted, but it was…freaky.

"I don't know, but I also don't care. Do you?"

Mollie looked over at him, and blinked and he thought to himself, "Two words…Hell no." But all he could say was, "Well no, but with those cannibal murders a few months ago, I am kind of…well, freaked out."

"Oh, does that stuff still have you worried?"

"Well yeah, I mean they never really caught any of them. The S.T.A.R.S said they had taken care of it, but after what the papers said about them…I just don't know what to believe."

Suddenly, there was an ear piercing scream from somewhere to his right… "What the hell is that all about?", wondered Chris. Then he saw a girl struggling to get away from a guy, who obviously had too much to drink.

"Oh God, help me!", the girl screamed, "Oh shit, you bit me! Get the hell off of me you asshole!" She pushed him off, and he stumbled and hit his head on one of the microphone stands. He hit the ground with an almost audible thud, and just stayed there, without moving.

"Oh shit", cried Chris, "I think that guy may be dead." As he got out of the car to go and help, Mollie said something but was drowned out by his car door slamming. As he rushed up to the man, he smelled something bitter but yet soft. Much like decaying fruit. He reached the girl first and said "Here let me help you."

But she had other ideas. She tore from his grasp and ran towards the exit. Chris cursed under his breath, and stooped down to get a closer look at the man. He looked like a homeless man, because his clothes were ripped…so badly in fact, that when Chris tried to roll him over, he could see his spinal cord jutting out of his shirt.

"Oh…oh my God", muttered Chris, trying to stifle the sudden urge to vomit.

Just then, the man, who couldn't possibly be alive, began to sit up. Chris could only just stand there dumbfounded as the man stood and opened his mouth, saliva dripping out like stagnated water. Chris' legs finally started working and he broke into a run back toward his car. Opening the door, and jumping in, he looked through the passengers' window to see that another person was coming up behind the other man.

Starting the car and flooring the gas, Mollie looked at him like he was crazy, but he knew they had to get back into town as fast as possible…

"Damn it Chief, there's something going on here", yelled Bruce Marcus.

"Oh please Detective, that is absurd. You are beginning to sound like Chris Redfield with your conspiracy theories…"

"Well, Barry told me what happened at that mansion, and I will grant, it does sound absurd, but what if it's true?"

"I wouldn't take too much stock in what he told you, Detective, because they disappeared almost two weeks ago, probably with that Albert Wesker."

"Well Chief if there is something going on, it's gonna blow up in your face. You realize that don't you?"

"Why don't you let me worry about that", the Police Chief said coldly. "Don't worry you over-bearing bastard, if this town goes to shit, you can go along with it."

"Well Chief, I guess you're right. Sorry to have troubled you."

"Man that hurts to say", he thought. But apparently, the Chief took it at face value.

"Oh, that's quite alright Detective, I'll see you Monday morning." Bruce hung up the phone, and continued staring at it. "The way the Chief sounded was…"


"What daddy"?

He almost jumped clear out of his skin, forgetting that Kellee was still in the room. "Nothing honey, I was just wishing that your brother would hurry and come home."

"Yeah, I guess it must be tough to see him falling head over heels with his best friend."

"That's putting it lightly", he thought. Just then the phone rang again. "Hello, Marcus residence."

"Dad, this is Chris! Something is goin' down."

"Oh no", thought Bruce, "I don't like the sound of this." "What is it, Chris?"

"Well, me and Mollie were at the drive-in, and there was this guy. He bit a girl on the arm, I think, and she pushed onto one of the speaker stands, and he hit his head. I saw this and, went over to see if I could help, and she ran off, and when I bent down to see if I could help, I saw his spine!"

"Jesus", Bruce said.

"Then, he just got up and tried to come after me! That was when I ran back to the car, and got outta there as fast as I could."

"Are you two okay though?" At that Kellee looked up at her dad, but he just nodded and said, "Don't worry they're ok. It's not a wreck."

She sighed and relaxed a little, but still looked at him trying to make out the conversation.

"Yeah, we're both okay dad, but Mollie is a little shook up. Dad, I know this will sound ridiculous, but I really do think it was a zombie."

"Any other time that would sound ridiculous, but right about now, I would believe anything. Is Gregg home?"

"No, not yet, Blair said he should be home any minute. She called him as soon as we got here."

"Ok, I want you to stay inside until he gets home, and see if Blair or Mollie knows the combination to his gunsafe. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I do dad." "Ok, I'll be over there as soon as I can."

"Ok, bye dad."

Hanging up the phone, he looked at Kellee, and said "Kellee, go get Zeus and some clothes packed, and come back downstairs as fast as you can. Ok?"

"Ok dad, I'll hurry."

"At least she hasn't asked me what happened yet…"

As he pulled up to the house, Bruce was still in a state of apparent shock. He'd seen murders, muggings, rapes, and the cannibal murders a few months back, but that didn't even begin to prepare him for the nightmarish ride to the Holliman's home.

He and his daughter had seen people getting drug down and ripped to shreds, but he couldn't risk the life of his daughter. He simply couldn't.

As they hurriedly exited the car, and ran to the house, Gregg opened the door to let them in.

"There hasn't been too many of those things around here yet." He then noticed their pale faces and quickly dropped the subject. "It's just a good thing I told Blaire the combination to my safe." His wife had been forced to gun down Mr. McGarrity when he had burst into the kitchen as she let Gregg inside.

"Have you called the Armory in Latham?", asked Bruce.

"Yeah, but they didn't believe me. Makes sense doesn't it. That's the way it always in the movies anyway. We should try to get to the station as soon as possible. It would probably be safer there."

"Yeah, we probably should get there as soon as possible. Get as many shells and weapons loaded up as you can and we'll haul ass out of here." As they loaded up the various equipment, Bruce took Chris aside.

"Son, are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm just a little in shock I guess. I mean, this only happens in those cheesy horror movies."

Once all the equipment was loaded, they left for the RPD.

All that seemed like such a long time ago. Gregg had been able to reach one of his old Army buddies, Brad Andrews, and he had come into town from the suburbs. He had an armory to rival the RPD's and he knew how to use them. He brought 3 M-16's , 1 M-14, an HK 94, and 2 MP-5's. He also brought a wide array of pistols and shotguns.

"How did you get all of this stuff here anyway?", Bruce asked.

"Well, I just put it all in the back of my truck, and hauled rear here."

Bruce smiled. He had only met Brad a few hours ago, but already they got along like they knew each other a long time.

Bruce stood up and spoke, "We need to come up with a plan to get rid of those zombies in the garage. If we can get to the cells, we should be safe there because of the extra security doors there."

Just then, several more uniformed officers burst through the doors. "Sir they've just obliterated the last barrier between us and them…"

As the zombies crawled over the disheveled mess of obliterated pavement, a fire truck sped down the street, plowed into the prostrate zombies, flipping it over and blocking the street.

"Well, they can't get in and we can't get out. I'd say that was even."

As Chris looked over to see who had made the comment an inhuman wail cut through the air, causing him to shudder. Checking his ammo, he waited until the zombie was within range and pulled the trigger. CRACK The concussion of the 12-gauge pushed his shoulder and hit the zombie in the face. It fell to the ground and didn't move again.

"Well, that's the last one", said Brad calmly, which Chris knew he really didn't feel.

"Ok, we know now the zombies are going to overrun this place, so I think we need to think of a way to get outta here."

Chief Irons had taken the Mayor's daughter someplace in the station. No one had seen them in over an hour.

"I think we should use the sewers to get out of here."

"Ok, who said that," said Bruce.

"It was me sir, Marvin." The African-American looked nervous at being singled out.

"Ok, that could be an idea, but to get there, we would have to go through the parking garage. As soon as the cleanup team led by Mr. Andrews returns, we will be able to see if we can get through there."

Chief Irons smiled sardonically as he stood on the outside the door of the S.T.A.R.S. room. "So they plan to use the sewers to escape do they? Well, that can be rearranged."

Brad grimaced as he lifted the last of the bodies and dropped into the manhole. "Good God, how could anyone fuck up that bad?", he said to himself. "That was ridiculous." After the zombies had broken in the garage it had been a slaughter. At the nearest estimate, almost 20 people had been killed by the zombies.

When the "cleanup" team had opened the door to the garage, the smell had been bad, but the sight had been 10 times worse. Dismembered corpses, bodies without heads, heads without bodies, and the corpses of the zombies that they had been able to kill was overwhelming. Three of the officers who had accompanied him vomited, and the rest barely kept it down. What was surprising, was there had been no zombies in the garage.

The first thing they had done was lower the security gate, and it had seemed they had been lucky. Apparently, they were.

"Ok, lets get out of here", Brad said sadly. It had been a massacre, and if he got his hands on Irons, he wasn't going to be in any better shape than one of those poor people…

As they were formulating final plans for their escape, the survivors were gearing up for the run through the sewers. Suddenly they heard a crash and several thumps. "What the fuc…"

The door burst open and Marvin burst in. "Chief Irons has lost his mind! He blasted the shutter controls! They're open and zombies are comin' in!"

"Ok, fuck the sewer plan, we're going out the back exit! Move now!!!", screamed Bruce cocking his pistol.

They all rushed to the roof as the moans of the viral zombies began pouring into the station. Suddenly, the officer that was leading them was grasped by the throat and bitten.

His scream turned into a pitiful gurgle as his blood gushed into his lungs. Brad elbowed his way through the panicking survivors, planted the barrel of his shotgun to the zombies temple, and pulled the trigger.

Brad, beginning to lose his head, yelled out "BYATCH!!!" Blood splattered the wall, and another came up behind Brad…

"Look out Brad!!!", cried Gregg as Brad was bitten on the shoulder.

Brad had a look of surprise in his eyes as he turned around to face the decaying creature. As he crushed the zombies skull with the butt of his shotgun, he cried out "MUTHER FUCKER BIT ME!!!" He smashed the zombie over and over as more and more began to come through the windows.

Chris cried out, "Brad's goin' ape shit!" As the zombies cut the rest of the survivors off from Brad, he continued blasting them with his Remington. His shotgun clicking dry, he dropped it and pulled out a Beretta. Brad began to open up with it as a zombie grabbed his ankle and pulled him down. As the zombies fed on the struggling man, he pulled a fragmentation grenade from his vest. Pulling out the pin, he defiantly gurgled, "Chew on THIS mutha fuckas"

Bruce pulled the door open and hurried everyone through. He slammed the door as the explosion rippled over the helipad.

"Oh God. Brad." Gregg began to cry against his wife's shoulder as the rest of the civilians began to work their way down the stairs. At the bottom Bruce unhooked a key from his key ring and inserted it into the keyhole. He opened the door, confirmed the guard house was empty, and motioned everyone through…

They finally made their way through the necropolis and were walking through a field, when the beating of helicopter blades cut through the air. Waving their arms, they finally managed to catch the attention of the pilot. He set down it a field. Gregg recognized it as a BlackHawk. On it's side was an Umbrella corporation logo.

As the pilot exited the 'chopper, another inside, a female in a labcoat, opened the doors and began helping the people inside.

As the helicopter lifted off, the pilot, a Cary Lawrence, looked over at Bruce and said, "You aren't gonna believe the night I had…"