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Personnel Information

Story: David was born a normal healthy homosapien child. David's parents were proud of having such a handsome child. As the year went by he began to have increasingly large headaches. At the age of 5 his headaches were forcing different peronnalities out of him. The first of the 5 personnalities he expierenced was being a mean, and awful kid. Lighting his house on fire, his kat on fire, shaving his dog. Vandalism of his house and beating up his younger sister. As he grew older the personnalities developed into others entities of him. Other bodies that could be seen by all, they were indications of him being a mutant. At first he could only project 1 other of himself, the psycotic and violent one. When 9 years old he developed a slight bit of telepathy that allowed him to read his fathers and mothers thoughts. Speak to them in they're mind. Also he read everyone else's mind. This he used to his advantage and drove his family crazy just for fun. David's mom could not live with the fact her son was a mutant so she killed herself by taking David's fathers handgun and shooting herself in the head. David blamed himself and is very hard on himself for it. David's dad kicked him out of the house blaming they're mothers death on him, his sister had run away to live with they're aunt and uncle after the funeral. David's dad was left alone and miserable how ever he was a cop and found it was his only sanctuary. David moved in with his friends, they diden't care to much for the fact he was a mutant because it diden't change who he was. By the age of 13 he soon began to develope his multiplaction powers further until he could create 5 entities and control which one he wishes to come out and help him at all the right times. David eventually left for New York where he came across Professor Charles Xavier, a very powerful mutant who said that he would help David. David and Xavier spent time talking in his mind and finally Xavier confinced David to come to the school. Shortly after living in the school he fell in love with a girl by the name of Lilith Frost. David woulden't allow others to interrupt they're time together, he was happy to be in love. Happy to not be thought less of for who he was and was even more happy with the fact that he was making friends at the school. David had an unfortunate call on his phone. The phone call said that his sister was in the hospital after being beaten by they're father. David had to leave and he had no idea on how to leave but he finally chose to fake his death by having one of his multiplications kill himself and lead everyone to believe he was dead. David left New York to go and track down his father as well as be by his sisters side. David found his father, he was a mess, drunk and very pissed off when he saw David. A fight broke out between the two and David managed to keep his father from getting hurt by restraining him for the police. When the police came they arrested his father. They saw David was a mutant for he had used his multiples to hold his father. When David went back to see hisister, she woke from a coma and the first person she saw was him. David hugged his sister and he left her with friends who would take care of her. As for David he began to earn money and has finally made enough to go and see the one person he did not want to leave. Lilith Frost. Wishing to be happy again like he was when he was with her. David had to fake his death because he knew Lilith would stop him from trying to help his father. David knew he had to, it was his own crisis and he has gotten through it.