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For some reason, you clicked on this link.

So now that you're already here, I might as well keep you from getting bored. Here is some irrelevant info you might, but most likely will not find useful in any manner :

I am Hungarian, and currently live in Canada, for the past 15 Years.

I am a very laid back person. I rarely, and I do mean rarely, ever get mad.

I do not believe in any Religion, nor do I believe in Fate, Karma, or Destiny.

The only Sport I ever watch is European Football, known as Soccer in North America. I do not enjoy watching any other sport.

Other than Soccer, the only competitions I watch are Billiards/Pool, and the Olympic games, Summer moreso than Winter. It's not hard to figure out why. ;-)

My Hobbies are Videogames, Pro Wrestling and Skateboarding, though I cannot skate. :-( I won't dare even try, I have enough problems with my legs.

I have a vast collection of G.I.Joe figures, 3,3/4" Figures, as well as the Old 12" Ones, plus the newer 12" ones. If I were to gather every G.I.joe item I have, it would just about fit into one of the 2.2m X 3m rooms. :-D

Currently my goals are to get closer to completing 2 of my collections, one being the Neo Geo MVS Carts, the other a G.I.Joe Comic Book collection. I refuse to read any of them until I am able to read every one of them chronologically.

I have no idols, no person to look up to. I have to carve my own path, not trace the steps of a chosen "hero" that I were to put on a pedestal. I do not have a person I "want to be just like him".

As you may have guessed by now, I have no friends. ;-D

I also do not drink, and do not party. In fact, weird as it may seem, I have never been to a party, of any kind. I wouldn't know what to do if I were at one, to tell you the truth.

If you are not bored to tears or fell off your chair laughing at me yet, then I can also tell you that I am allergic to Cats. Any kind, any type, I am highly allergic. More tragic though, is that they are the one animal that I completely love. My favorite animal, they are. And yet my family has 4 of them now, 3 of them always in the house. I have to constantly clean up after them so I don't have constant reactions to them. Thankfully they are kept in a cage when we are not home, so they do not excrete various bodily things on my bed.

My goal in life is to buy a vacant piece of land, and build an indestructible house on it. The only thing I could not build myself on it is the foundation concrete, You need a backhoe, a place to dump the dirt, and form the 60'x80' concrete base. All the walls would be concrete, and the basement would have a bomb shelter. For when, you know, I finally lose what's left of my sane mind. God help your souls when I do. Because only I'll have a bomb shelter, and you won't. Trust me, I'm not forgetting a can opener when I snap. Yes you could throw molotov cocktails at the windows, but BiPolyCarbonate glass is not expensive anymore, and there would be little that would burn. So yeah, anything less than bullets from a gun (not bullets thrown by hand/slingshot/catapult/jesus rockets), you can't get through. Too bad, breathe the fumes of death and keel over.