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My Home Page

I am Rick just a normal guy trying to get a job in Computer Programming. I do a lot of AOL Role Playing with several characters. All but one character have been in the Realm of the Hidden Blade is a list of a few of my Characters.

I myself am 20 years old and a I work and travel alot. I enjoy Videogames and online games but I would have to Say Roleplaying on AOL and Final Fantasy XI are the two I play most.

I have 3 cats, 2 female and 1 male, the 2 females are Migel and Baby Girl and the male is Midnight Blue or Bluey for short.

I work at Walmart as a CRT and it makes good money for the area I am at. I make $7.30 per hour which any other place wouldn't work around my class hours or would pay just minimum wage.

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