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Crackhead Bob's Crazy Page

Three Simple Rules of Life

I am Crackhead Bob. Born and partially raised in British Columibia my parents got bored of living there so we moved. Plus they could not stand my Grandmother. So after 3 long months of driving across the US (I have no idea how the hell it took so long) we got to Ontario. We then lived in Suburbia Hell in Scarboro. After about 3 months of that we moved to Uxbridge where I met my cousins for the first time. Lived there for about 6-8 months and then settled in Ajax. Been here for 15 long ass years. It's not much better. So what else can I say about myself? Alot of people I know call me the craziest person they know because of what I do. I earned the name Crackhead Bob. I have my girlfriend who I love alot named Daveena and we are quite happy together. Once I get this page set up though you will be able to read about my adventures, oggle pictures of me and other people, and other crazy super happy fun stuff. So in the meantime check out some of my links until I get this page done. Any suggestions just e-mail me and Thanks for coming to my website. I'm out.

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