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STELLA PACE Fall/ Holiday Collection
SP holiday collection

STELLA PACE has recently been bombarded with press and astronomical sales of the Fall/ Holiday jewelry and handbag collections. While demand is high, supply is low. BUT, we will make available certain desired items right here at While our inventory is more or less out the door as soon as it is manufactured, some items are available time to time. What does this mean for you?… If you see a particular piece of jewelry or handbag in a magazine or on television, and you are interested in buying it… simply email for availability, prices, and inquired information.
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Magic 19


All systems a go! With the success of the launch of's online store (brought to you by the fabulous people at Yahoo!), Zoe Metro has decided to make it a magical launch...literally. To celebrate, Zoe wants to share with our new online community. Not only do most bracelets on the website (featured in the SAMPLE SALE section) retail for $19.00, but now the savvy Magic Bead Tassle Bracelets are made available at $19.00! The quantities are limited, and this is an exclusive only found at!
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Some of you may understand, some of you may not. But, the first day opening for business sets the nerves on fire. Regardless, this is very exciting! and YAHOO! bring you a fine selection of fashion accessories to be purchased via the internet. From the Powerbead(tm) Bracelets and Necklaces in our SAMPLE STORE, to the designs of today...they can now be yours from the comfort of your home or office.
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The Little Engine That Could

STELLA PACE has entered the cyber world with a website that has no limits (well, won't have any limits in the near future!). A process that began back in late February 2000, was just one of Zoe Metro's earlier visions of the company's future. And today...It is alive!
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A Night at the CFDA American Fashion Awards
June 20, 2000

CFDA throws a summer extravaganza awards ceremony spot lighting the whose who in fashion.

On behalf of the entire staff at STELLA PACE, we would like to take this time to congratulate Dean Harris in winning the Perry Ellis Accessories Award at the CFDA Fashion Awards, June 15 2000. In addition, we would like to congratulate all of the other award winners throughout the evening. And finally, a big thanks to the CFDA for the nomination and fabulous awards show.
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Zoe Metro, designer for STELLA PACE, nominated for prestigious CFDA American Fashion Award
June 12, 2000

Yes...This is correct. The Powerbead creator, Zoe Metro, has won a nomination for the American Fashion Awards 2000 Perry Ellis Award for Accessories. As you can imagine, the news of this nomination has intoxicated everyone associated with STELLA PACE. While many have literally copied Zoe Metro's designs and concepts, The Council of Fashion Designers of America have recognized Zoe and her pioneering a new territory in fashion accessories (or even the fashion industry as a whole).

"We are excited to once again honor the people who make the fashion industry the most exciting business in the world at the American Fashion Awards 2000," commented Stan Herman (President of CFDA). "This has been a groundbreaking year for fashion, and we are happy to celebrate the designers who have raised the bar for the entire industry."
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>> read the official CFDA press release