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[what's cookin'?]    [the ingredients]    [how we made chocoll8]    [taste test]    [how your chocoll8 should look]   

    hey, wassup? this is chocoll8's official site. first things first, what is chocoll8? well, chocoll8 is an unsigned band. we have lots of plans for our future but unfortunately we don't have enough resources--yet. 

    now, for the visitors of the first chocoll8 site. that one isn't updated anymore because the webmistress is currently unsure if it still exists. the webmistress also knows that this is not as glam as the first one but she can't help it because the computer she uses absolutely despises her.  

    this site will probably go on for at least two months but the webmistress expects to work it up to the next level as soon as she gets the computer to fall in love with her.(hehe)

    now for the people who are first time visitors of chocoll8's site, these are the ingredients.

The Ingredients

gracie on lead guitar

hya on drums

je'li on bass 

mae on vocals

martha on vocals

pauline on vocals

rhea on keyboards

tin on rhythm guitar

wanna the manager