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:: Story ::

In the world of Akarus, a border has been placed, one that seperates the traditions of the old world from those of the new.

The new kingdom is Nyreth, a place just beginning to use technology in every day ways (think 1900-1930's, minus planes). Full of towns, villages, cities, schools and inns, it is a territory not unlike any other of a medieval world, complete with a royal family. Magick is not a something all too often heard of in Nyreth, mostly because it is seen as an 'old world' custom. However, there are a few elite schools which still teach some magical arts, and it is rumoured that a few of the families in some of the towns and villages are endowed with skills of magecraft and wizardry.

The Old Kingdom is Saedyr, a land as ancient as the earth upon which it grew. There is no new technology here, only that which is mystical and magical. Home to strange beasts, sprites and spirits, only the brave or those unwilling to accept the technological world dwell here. Though the people of Saedyr lack modern world education, they have the intellect of the land, able to survive purely on their own skills and strengths. However, without limits there is also much danger, far more than the innocent civilians of Nyreth could ever imagine.

An ancient power, that of the Clow, has been unleashed in the kingdom of Saedyr. It is said that he or she whom can capture the ancient cards will have the power to rule all Akarus, abilities to alter the state of all things within the planet. Evil longs to capture this power, as does good, but it is difficult to say which will prevail. Enter the world of Akarus, and began a quest to either save or recreate the world that is Akarus... Whether your intent is pure or tainted, the choice can only be left to you...

:: ___ ::

Loosely based on the original Cardcaptors/Cardcaptor Sakura Series by CLAMP, this CCS Rpg allows the player to become the cardcaptor, with the choice as to whether their intentions upon capturing the clow will be for evil or for good.