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:: Characters ::

LSince the CCS Rpg is based in an Alternate Universe, all of its characters are original.  The following is a list of the games current characters.  These characters wer created by their respective roleplayers.  In other words, these are good examples of what a character profile should look like, but these characters are already taken.

Name: Isis Faraday
Age: Unknown (looks 18-20ish)
Location: Ceres Temple, Saedyr (old kingdom)
Race: Elven
Weapon (limit 1): Staff
Magickal Ability (limit 1): Seven Bells (necromancy magick)
Method of Transportation (limit 1): Horse named "Swiftwater"
Current Clow in Possession: (should be 0 for now)

Physical Description: Thin, tall. Looks somewhat fragile, with her pale skin and petite structure, but is actually very strong. Has beautiful, waistlength black hair. Her lips and cheeks are a rosy pink. She is very ethereal and beautiful.

Personality: Calm, centered and focused. She has a high level of intellect, due to her several years as guardian of the clow. She very seldom gets angered. She is, for the most part, a kind but mysterious girl.

History/Background: Isis is a necromancer, and the guardian of the Old Kingdom's Clow temple, Ceres. Some believe her to have been among the original troupe that captured and sealed the clow, but these thoughts are considered by most to be impossible. No one really knows all that much about her, since she is very quiet and will reveal little about herself. It is as though, with her time spent atop the mountains at the temple, she has become as ghost-like as the spirits of the cards. After the cards were unleashed once again, Isis felt compelled to find the root of their uprising, and o began her quest to follow the cards to the place they now long to call home. If she can find the chosen one, together they can defeat whatever evil it is that has unleash the cards, since Isis has no doubt that only a negative force could do such a thing... She just hopes that the negative force isn't what she believes it might be... 

Name: Theodore Mishima
Age: 12
Location: Maridow's School, Nyreth
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Deep blue
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 68 lbs.
Weapon: Small wooden staff
Magickal Ability: Point of Light (Light magick)
Method of Transportation: None
Current Clow in Possession: None... *glares*yet...

Physical Description: Small and book wormy looking. (looks like the kid from the show that's supposed to be Clow Reed, 'cept with thicker hair). Wears black robes that conceal everything under them and round rimmed glasses.

Personality: Very calm, centered and focused. He is also very smart. All in all he is quiet but a nice kid.

History/Background: His parents sent him to the school to get educated so he could grow up and be a well respected scientist. But after coming across (getting hit in the head when it fell off the shelf with) a mysterious book that spoke of cards with special powers called Clow Cards, he began to study the Clow cards. He quickly absorbed all of the knowledge in the book and hungered for more. He decided to sneak out of the school and head for one of the temples, or at least find one of it's Guardians. Coincidently on the same day at the same time that the book fell on his head, he met a witty Fae named Tasslehoff Barefoot. Tas was the one that pushed the book onto his head...

Name: Tasslehoff Barefoot "Tas"
Age: Unknown (looks 14)
Location: Theo's shoulder
Race: Fae
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Sharp Green
Height: 3"
Weight: 0.2 lbs maybe....
Weapon: None
Magickal Ability: Great Illusion (makes realistic illusions of any size)
Method of Transportation: Flight
Current Clow in Possession: None.. can't use them anyway.

Physical Description
: Thin and small. Sits on Theo's shoulder when he's not wandering around. He has blonde hair that sticks up... usually wears green pants and a tattered yellow shirt.
Personality: Easily exciteable and is fiercely defensive of Theo. Will do anything to save Theo. Has a bit of an attitude as well.

History/Background: He was sent by his family to find someone worthy of aquiring the Clow Cards. He got lost on the way to his intended target and stopped to rest on a book shelf. He leaned on a book and it fell onto some poor kids head. That kid was Theo. He decided Theo was good enough (that and he didn't want to have to fly any further than he had to) and began to travel with him, protecting him and eating lots of good food while he was at it.

Name: Lyn
Age: Unknown
Location: Ceres Graveyard, Saedyr
Race: Kuang-Shi (Ghost/Spirit)
Hair: blue
Eyes: brownish red
Height: 5 feet 1 inch
Weight: 92 pounds
Weapon: tessen (fan) with a phoenix on it
Magical Abilities: she's a ghost
Method of transportation: the foot-moblie
Current Clow: None

Physical description: small, yet vulumpsious, with a body that just won't quit. Wears a very styalized pinkish Chinese shirt with a huge hole cut in to reveil the cleavage. Under it, a blue long sleved under shirt, with very very long sleves. Blue kungfu pants in the same color. All tied with a huge yellow bow. Also wears one of those Chinese hats. Her skin hasa slight blue sheen to it.

Personality: During her first life, Lyn was very loud and impulsive. But now Lyn is a very quiet person. She likes to contemplate things before doing them, because she knows that if she gets hurt or "killed" as a ghost, her "soul" will be perminately lost, and she will completely sease to be. She is also afraid that he'll trap her in this world forever.

History: A mysterious wizard who wants the Clow for himself has used his necromatic magic to call Lyn from her grave to accomplish this task. In her life, she was a guard for a priestess in the temple. In an anceint insurrection, she was killed along with the other temple guards. Thousands of years later, she was raised from the dead for the task mentioned before.

Name: Shayleah
Age: 10
Race: Elven
Weapon: a small wooden yo-yo that fits nicely into the palm of her hand (remember, small hands). It's bright yellow with a lime green spiral. (((I was thinking maybe reinforced with magic to make it - esp. the string - unbreakable [crummy strings always seem to busticate] but pm me if this isn't allowed)))
Magickal Ability: none as of yet...
Method of Transportation: her own two feet
Current Clow In Posession:0

Physical Description:smaller, more slender and delicate looking then a human child of the same age would be. Extremely pale skin that stands in bold contrast to her purest black mop of short, shaggy hair. Hair hangs in front of right eye. Violet eyes. Two pink scars under left eye, one larger then the other. Wears a faded blue sweater frayed at edges and patched with soft brown material at elbows, skintight long sleeve tan shirt beneath. Pants the colour of a grass stain, plain brown boots (covered mostly by pantleg).

Personality:Very energetic. Quick movements and quick speech. Can be observant but tends to act before processing all the information she observes. Very innocent and trusting, though struggling to be tougher and more suspicious. Very curious. Hides an almost constant fear.

History/Background: Lived with a traveling show. Her part was to stand real still while the dagger fellow - her adopted father - threw daggers at her. She was very sheltered by her somewhat odd family and her life changed abruptly when the show was forced to disband. Shayleah found herself thrust unprepared into a world of perils she'd never had to face alone before - though, it only seems she is alone... she often cocks her head in a way as though she is listening carefully to someone else, and will occasionally make remarks that seem out of character, or beyond her experiences. It is that Other that has told Leah of the Clow. 

Name: Li Hiroshi
Age: 15
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Dark Blue
Height: 5' 5"
Location: Liesel
Race: Human
Weapon: Sword, katana
Magickal Ability: Fire magick
Method of Transportation: Motorbike...(can he have one of these? If mode of transportation is Nissa!)
Current Clow in Possession: (None)
Physical Description: Lightly muscled, slanted, almond shaped eyes that seem to see right into your soul. He seems to have a perpetually irritated look on his face, like he doesn't want to be here, with these people, in this place...he likes to be alone. And is happiest when it is quiet.
He wears a brown leather jacket over a cream T-shirt and black jeans.
Personality: Calm, cool and collected. He is a young man that doesn't let too much bother him. It takes a lot to make him smile, and even more to make him laugh. But once you get him to open up, it's hard to hold him back.  He is insanely protective of his friends, and treats his enemies with an icy distain that sometimes tends to annoy them.

History/Background: Orphaned at an early age, he was left with his Uncle who was a teacher at a nearby school, but Li had no desire to attend the school, preferring instead, to learn how to weald a sword. When he met Nissa, he found that he could now do pretty much what ever the hell he wanted. He had her to protect him, and also as an adult figure. So...she became his more ways than one.

Name: Nissa
Age: 18 (real age unknown)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Stormy grey
Height: 5' 2"
Location: Liesel
Race: Guardian Spirit
Weapon: Chanting.
Magickal Ability: She is a spell caster. She specialises in Wind and Light magick that can be used to either heal or destroy.
Method of Transportation: Flight. She has pale green and silver wings
Current Clow in Possession: (None)

Physical Description
: Very pretty, tall and slim, with long blond/gold hair that comes down to her knees. She wears an off the shoulder, pale blue/green cotton dress, and no shoes. She hates shoes.

: Sweet and gentle. She is soft hearted, and calm. She loves to be around people and is friendly to most. Tends to give people the benefit of the doubt. "Trust first, ask questions later." She is sometimes hurt by this, when the people she trusts betray her. But she is adaptable, and is quick to get over any 'mishaps'

History/Background: She's been with Li for as long as she can remember. She had guarded him, and protected him throughout her travels.

Name:Tatsuya Shishikura
Appearance:Tatsuya has a medium build, stands about 6'1", weighs around 195. He has black eyes and jet black hair that is usually combed back from his face. He wears blue ceremonial robes when fighting or catching Clow, but wears normal uniforms or street clothes when not.
From:Goldarms' College
Magickal Ability:Sense. Tatsuya has a sort of "sixth sense" that allows him to, by all appearances, see the future. It helps especially when fighting enemies that seem unpredictable.
Weapon:Danache ((Think:Saito from Kenshin))
Mode of Transportation:Good old fashioned teleportation
Clow Cards:None

History:Tatsuya was revered in the place of his birth because of his "sight." Many conspirators, mostly prophets that had been discredited by Tatsuya's many correct predictions, planned to kill him, but Tatsuya "saw" their plan and fled. He has not ever let on to his ability as he believes that those from his village intend on killing him, still.

Personality:He is an unusually collected person, for one who often has disturbing visions and believes there are people trying to kill him. He's a nice guy, but knows when to draw the line with the people he's nice to. You do not want to cross Tatsuya. He will bring you and everyone who has ever called themselves your friend down.

Name: Alexander Tarrowny
Age: 28
From: Trodu
Location: The Wall
Race: Human
Weapon: Gun
Magical Ability: Advanced Mechanical Knowledge (well, it's not very magical, but my character is not exactly a magical kinda guy). Basically, he's always tinkering and inventing things, such as grenades (yes, he has those).
Method of Transportation: Jeep (well, it's like a Jeep anyways, and he's using a magic enchantment from a wizard who owed him a favor to power it instead of gas)
Current Clow in Possession: 0

Physical Description
: Tall, thin, somewhat muscular, blond hair cut semi-short. He usually doesn't even care about his appearance. He almost always smokes, usually to help himself concentrate.
Pic:$Ammo$-ff7-cid-.jpg (yes, it's Cid from FF7, that's kinda what I'm basing my character on)

Personality: When he's not busy, he usually is cheerful and friendly, if a little heavy in his use of cursing. But when he's busy working or tinkering with some machine, well... you might as well forget about him noticing anything. A lightning bolt could strike next to him and he wouldn't notice.

History: Ever since he was little, Alex has been an inventor. Without any guide or help whatsoever, he made a fully-functional clock when he was only eight; it ran for a full five years before it broke. His parents knew he was gifted, and being in a "modern" city like Trodu, they sent him to various craftsmen and toolworkers so that he could learn everything he could about the area he was interested. By the time he was eighteen, he had surpassed all his teachers and masters in mechanical ability. He's spent the next ten years as a inventor, creating various machines and objects. His car, which he constantly is working on, has by now become far advanced over anything anyone else has. His dream, however, is far, far more. Alex, quite simply, wants to fly. He knows that, in theory, it is possible, and the materials do exist for it, but to date, creating a flying machine has proved impossible even for him. Then, recently, the Clow cards were freed. Even something like this would have passed beneath his radar, if not for a story a friend of his told him: one of the Clow cards, so it was told, was an artificial construct. Not just that, but a flying one. After some deep thinking, he packed his bag, hopped in his custom car (which he's upgraded to include four-wheel drive), and headed for the Old Kingdom of Saedyr.