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//Session #22: Cowboy Funk//


The session starts showing a security guard placing a lost teddy on the railings of a tall tower. He turns and rides down the escalator, where Spike appears behind him. It turns out that the security guard was not in fact a genuine guard, and is really the Teddy Bomber, whom Spike is after for his bounty. The Teddy Bomber threatens to blow up the building, but Spike reveals that he has pulled the detonation pin and then beats him up. He is about to take him in when not only does the bomber reveal that he has multiple teddies placed around the building, but also a strange man riding a horse and dressed as a cowboy appears. Seeing the Teddy Bomber's outfit, he immediately turns on Spike, revealing himself to be Andy, an infamous bounty hunter, and accusing Spike of being the Teddy Bomber. Meanwhile the Teddy Bomber makes his escape, and as soon as he is out of range blows up the tower. Andy and his horse ride after him to no avail, trampling Spike in the process.
Back at the Bebop, Spike is wrapped in bandages and complaining loudly about his idiotic rival. Jet and Faye do not believe his story, and say that a samurai would have been more believable than a cowboy. Just as Spike is about to flip Ed shows them a profile of Andy she has discovered on the internet, telling them that he once was a member of the YMCA (Young Men's Cowboy Association) but was kicked out because he was too accident prone. Faye remarks how oddly similar in character he is to Spike, and Spike is less than amused.
Intrigued by this strange and apparently rich man, Faye decides to go along with Spike and Jet when they attend a masquerade that night where the Teddy Bomber will be. They arrive and Spike and Jet seek out the Teddy Bomber (who is somewhat stupidly dressed as a Teddy. Hmm.) who tells them that his motives are to send a warning out, but not to hurt people. However, when Andy shows up, horse and all, and tries to capture both Spike and Jet as the bounty, Spike gets really irritated and starts arguing with him. The Teddy Bomber gets more and more annoyed as he is being ignored and finally snaps, detonating all the teddies he has placed around the building regardless of the casualties. Andy finally realises that he is the bounty, and goes after him with Faye riding behind, while Spike takes off in his spaceship and Jet tries to calm people down with a marijuana-style 'Hey, remember peace and love!'
The scene changes back to the chase, and the Teddy Bomber is only just ahead of Spike and Andy. When he crashes his car he cowers in the seat as the two most well-known bounty hunters race up to him, but is shocked when they pass on by, revealed to be chasing each other instead. So, again, he gets away.
Having lost Spike, Andy takes Faye back to his apartment, where she notices that not only does he have no taste whatsoever but he also can't cook. She returns to the Bebop shortly, with the impression that he is the most irritating person she has ever met and a tonne of his homemade soup. Spike tells her that he'd rather starve than eat anything of Andy's, and she replies that the reason he hates him so much is because they are so alike, so 'troublesome'. Spike is busy sulking when Ed tells them all where their bounty will strike next (he is targeting buildings from the tallest downwards). When Jet and Faye wonder if Spike is going to go and try to capture him if Andy is there, Spike shouts 'Like you even have to ask!'
The two bounty hunters eventually meet with the Teddy Bomber at a tower, and once again begin to argue so much that they forget about the bomber, who tells them that the one thing he can't stand is being ignored. He runs off to the building, and the two bounty hunters finally stop shouting at each other for a second to chase after him. They end up trapped together in an elevator that will explode when it reaches the top floor. Neither seem worried, and as soon as the elevator starts rising up Spike goes to active the emergency code, which he had reverted before they met. But they are not saved- Andy too reverted the code, meaning that it is back to whatever it was before. The elevator reaches the top, and explodes.
The scene switches to the Teddy Bomber, who turns around to see Faye's fist flying into his face. She has caught him.
Again we see Spike and Andy, who miraculously have survived the blast, and are now locked in a shoot out on top of the wrecked tower. Eventually Spike wins, Andy gives him his hat, and leaves, saying he will retire from the bounty hunting business.
The ending shows us the Teddy Bomber being transported by the police to a prison. He looks out the window, and to his amazement sees Andy riding alongside on his horse- dressed as no other than a samurai.

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//Session Summary//

Action: 4/5
Comedy: 5/5
Emotion: 1/5
Killer Points: We meet Spike's counterpart, and see him get very angry. Also, we get to see Jet as a hippy. Hooray!

Overall: 5/5

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