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//Session #21: Boogie-Woogie Feng-Shui//


The session starts off with Jet narrating, telling you that he recently received a disturbing email from an old friend on Mars called Pao, written in riddles, leading him to believe that the reason for the email was too important for Pao to even write in words.
Feeling like he's betraying his friend if he doesn't go after the clue, Jet asks around to find out where Pao is, eventually leading him to Pao's grave. There he meets a young gypsy girl, but he does not even have time to ask her name before two men in suits draw up in a car and start shooting at them. The gypsy girl takes Jet's hand and runs off, using a strange circular object to direct their way, eventually losing their persuers when they jump in a river. Jet invites the girl back to the Bebop to dry off, and she accepts.
On the Bebop, Spike and Faye detect a hint of romance and waste no time teasing Jet about it, as he acts very differently around the girl than anyone else. Even though she is much younger than him, Jet does seem to act oddly when she is watching him. Soon it is revealed that she is Meifa Pao, Jet's friend's daughter. Ed then interrupts the conversation, asking if she is Jet's girlfriend. Jet glares at Spike and Faye, who leave, and then tells Meifa about her father's email. She is strangely excited at the news, saying that 'that means that he knew what was going to happen!'. Claiming that her father (who left her when she was a little girl) was a master of fung-shui and has obviously found the whereabouts of a legendary feng-shui rock, the Sunstone, Meifa leads Jet on a quest to find the sacred object, eventually leading to a stone lion's mouth in a crowded Mars street, where she pulls out a decidedly normal-looking small black rock. However, all is not well, as the two men who shot at Jet and Meifa had followed them on their quest. Fortunately Jet sees them before they find him and Meifa, and takes Meifa into a bar where he lies in wait until the two men come in. Taking them out very swiftly, he knocks one out and forces the other to tell him why they were following them. The man says that they are from a syndicate, and were told to track down Pao, but when this was unsuccessful decided to follow up his email, leading to Jet and Meifa.
Jet and Meifa quickly board the Bebop and leave, Meifa now sure that her father is still alive and determined to find him. Ed is playing with Meifa's fung-shui circular compass, and discovers that it rotates by itself, even without the magnet, when the Sunstone is brought near to it. Meifa ponders this, and decides that her father must also have a part of the Sunstone, and if they unite her compass and the Sunstone together the compass will point straight towards her father's whereabouts. Jet steers the Bebop in the compass' direction, and flies off.
While they are flying in the direction her compass tells them to, Meifa asks Jet why her father sent the email to him and not her, and why the syndicate are after her father in the first place. After a few evasive replies, eventually almost reducing Meifa to tears, Jet weakens and tells her that Pao used to be an important member of a syndicate, and when you know as much as he did syndicates never let you go. He also tells her that this was probably the reason that she never saw her father as a child, which Meifa hates her father for.
Eventually the Bebop arrives at a seemingly uneventful place in hyperspace, where the compass stops moving, which Meifa tells them means that the two Sunstones' incredible energy has cancelled each other out, meaning that they are very close. Suddenly a ship appears behind the Bebop and begins to attack with small remotely controlled pods, causing Spike and Faye to enter their own ships and go out to defend. It seems a losing battle for a moment, until Jet realises that if Spike shoots the Sunstone with his laser the bottled energy will be released, destroying the attacking ship and its robots and allowing them, somehow, to reach Pao. Spike does this somewhat doubtfully, but it does as Jet imagined, not only wiping out all the computer-controlled pods but also opening a portal in hyperspace and revealing a decaying ship on the other side of it. Almost instantly Jet and Meifa receives a hazy, interfered message of Pao, who tells him that the ship will soon be destroyed by the portal and that there is nothing can do. He says that he used fung-shui to make Jet bring his daughter to him, so he could see her one last time. Meifa shouts at him for abandoning her and her family as a child, and Pao humbly admits that he was wrong and he is sorry. Meifa takes some persuading, but just as she reconciles with her father, the transmission fails and the portal closes, meaning that Pao is finally dead.

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//Session Summary//

Action: 3/5
Comedy: 2/5
Emotion: 4/5
Killer Points: Jet is revealed as quite the nice guy. It is also unusual as there is very little shown of the Bebop, allowing you to see Mars and the Universe a little more.

Overall: 4/5

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