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//Session #20: Pierrot Le Fou//


The session opens with an unnamed mad man, dressed in an eerily comical suit with matching cane and tophat, staking out and bloodily killing a VIP protected by security. This man is notorious for pyschopathically and apparently motivelessly slaughtering people, and it is said that anyone who sees his smiling face never lives long. Yes, this is the Bebop crew's next target- Pierrot Le Fou, or for all the non-French speakers out there, Pierrot the Mad.
The scene cuts to Spike playing pool in a bar somewhere, late at night. Having smoothly beaten his opponent, he takes his jacket and walks out into the dark alleyway, whistling to himself. But, who should he see, but Pierrot himself. A psychotic smiling Mad Pierrot then proceeds to beat up Spike, who is pretty much outmanouvered by this terrifying assassin. He is saved from death only by a cat, who meows from behind Pierrot as he is about to shoot Spike, causing Pierrot to shoot frantically at the cat (which incidentally gets away unharmed), leaving Spike time to escape. However, Pierrot follows him, and Spike ends up with a knife in his shoulder, before Pierrot shoots a missile at him which throws him back into a river. Believing him to be dead, Pierrot's smile still plastered crazily on his face, he leaves.
Of course, Spike isn't dead. While he is lying wrapped from head to toe in bandages on the Bebop, Jet is getting and insider story from his police friend, Bob. Bob tells him that Pierrot has been on a seven-victim, top-secret murder rampage, and Spike should seriously fear for his life. Jet leaves worried.
That night, Ed receives a strange email from an unknown sender, telling Spike to come to Space Land, and amusement park, that evening. She shows it to Faye, who tells Ed to keep it a secret, but Spike turns up behind her and reads the email regardless, and resolves to go the Space Land despite his very weakened condition. So, while Jet is on his way home fast to warn Spike, Spike leaves to find Pierrot.
When Spike arrives at Space Land, he quickly realises how vulnerable he is when the park is completely deserted, and only Pierrot emerges from in amongst the activated rides and machines. A suspenseful, genuinely scary fight then ensues between the two, Spike marginally coming off the worse. During this time, Ed is busy hacking away at the internet, eventually finding some top secret files on Pierrot, accessed with the password 'Tongpu'. It becomes apparent that Mad Pierrot was created from a normal man by scientists who altered his cells and made him perform painful tests, all for an ISSP assassination improvement experiment. During his horrendous ordeal, he was constantly watched by a cat with different coloured eyes, hence his terror of felines. Unfortunately, due the near torture he experienced in the proceedings, his mind began to regress towards that of a childs, an unstoppable process. However, as he was being led away to a cell where he was meant to spend the rest of his life in secret, his genetically superior structure broke out and began to kill, first for revenge, then for pleasure, all the while, becoming more and more infantile.
After another battle, and an appearance of Faye come to help Spike, Pierrot looks closely into Spike's eyes and with a shock of horror realises that his eyes too are different shades. In this brief moment he lets his guard down, Spike throws a knife which ends up in Pierrot's leg, whilst Spike gets a bullet in the arm. Pierrot, experiencing pain for the first time, falls to the ground, crying like a baby. Ironically then, the gigantic mechanical parade he set off comes marching through the streets where he is lying crying for his mother, and squashes him.

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//Session Summary//

Action: 5/5
Comedy: 1/5
Emotion: 3/5
Killer Points: Um... there's a face off between Spike and Pierrot, allowing Spike to show off all he's got? Hmm.

Overall: 5/5

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