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//Session #17: Mushroom Samba//


This session is purely comical. It begins with the Bebop's plight of having no money, in fact they are so poor that there is no food either. And, of course, there is no money for petrol.. so soon they end up drifting through space. However, a ship suddenly crashes into them, then flies away, leaving the Bebop on a crash-course to an unknown, apparently barren world. All the crew are starving.
So whilst the rest of the crew are making repairs, it falls to Ed to venture out and supply the food. Taking Ein, her faithful friend, Ed begins the fruitless search for food, travelling across the vast, lifeless desert until she eventually finds one lone watermelon stand by the side of the roasting road. But, she has no money, so the miser in the truck won't even give her a slice. Then, out of the blue, a glamourous black women rolls up in an expensive car and buys a watermelon, producing a picture of a man with dreadlocks and asking the stall-owner if he'd seen Domino. When the man tells her he hasn't, she leaves... but not before, in a desperate attempt to stay with the watermelon, Ed and Ein have loaded themselves into her boot.
When the woman stops at a petrol station, a pair of policemen greet her and ask her that, although it would be absurd to think that a lovely woman like her could be bad, they need to check her car boot for magic musrooms, as there has been a spate of drug trafficking recently. She innocently consents, but when the police open the car boot and discover Ed and Ein inside, they immediately angrily arrest her, while Ed and Ein slip away into the town.
Wandering ravenously through the foodless streets, Ed spots a man across the road eating a hot dog, and sprints towards him, clamouring for a bite. She fails to notice his dreadlocks, or recognize Domino at all.
After a brief encounter with an angry past customer, whose brother died because of a faulty mushroom Domino sold him, Domino flees, dropping mushrooms as he goes. The ever innocent Ed picks one up and feeds it to Ein, checking that it's 'good to eat'. Ein perks up and starts hopping around like a stuffed toy, shedding doubt about the mushroom's nutritional values. So, she decides to use the Bebop's crew as tests.
Ed returns to the ship, and leaves out a mushroom for each of the crew to eat. Starving as they are, no one questions the mushroom's intergrity, and as a result they each experience 'visions'. Jet begins to talk to his beloved Bonsai trees, Faye is in the bathroom and suddenly finds herself swimming with huge fish (where in reality she is doing breaststroke standing up) and Spike is walking up a short flight of stairs when it suddenly appears to stretch on forever. In reality, he is merely raising and lowering his feet on one step.
Wisely, Ed decides not to eat the mushrooms.
Then, whilst watching Big Shot, Domino's face is shown on the monitor and she recognises him. Riding on a scooter, Ed and Ein set out in chase of Domino.
After much comedic action, Ed ends up being landed with a bag of magic mushrooms in return for Domino's freedom, persuaded by the apparent value of 100,000 woolongs per each mushroom. She triumphantly returns to the Bebop and tells her companions, but just as they begin to congratulate her a policeman turns up, finds the mushrooms and tests them to see if they are drugs or not. After a moment of tense expectancy for the Bebop crew, he smiles and pronouces them to be normal, shintaki mushrooms. He then leaves.
No longer starving, yet without the fortune, the crew are left eating all the shintaki mushrooms they could dream of... at least Ed's happy!

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//Session Summary//

Action: 2/5
Comedy: 5/5
Emotion: 1/5
Killer Points: The funniest episode in the entire series.. joint with Toys in the Attic. You get to see what the Bebop's crew hallucinate about. What's not to like?

Overall: 5/5

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