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//Session #16: Black Dog Serenade//


This session starts with a gruesome shot of a group of police officers lying in a pool of their own blood, killed by a deathrow inmate named Taxim. He is bargaining with the police for his freedom, pretending he has some living hostages he will set free in return.
On the Bebop, the worst that happens is Faye complains that the shower is broken and Jet is too busy to fix it. Then the phone rings, Faye threatens to hang up unless Jet promises to fix the shower, and peace is restored.
Back on the overpowered police ship, the inmates themselves are rioting. When one tries to step up and take complete control of the ship and the deathrow criminals, Taxim appears and cuts his throat.
The Bebop arrives at Ganymede, where Jet meets up with an old friend who used to be his partner when he was in the police, who tells him of the reneguade ship. Despite the reward, Jet is not interested until his friend mentions the name 'Taxim', upon which his mind flickers to his metal arm.
Jet has a flashback, showing him and his friend chasing Taxim in an old disused depot. They split up, his friend circling around the back and Jet moving in from the front. He rounds a corner and is suddenly illuminated in a blinding light. In his shock he doesn't see the man, apparently Taxim, standing on a level above him holding a gun before it's too late for his arm...Jet leaves, and when he returns to the Bebop decides to go after Taxim himself.
Back on the police ship, the inmates decide that when the police arrive they will target their weakest point and attack rather than defend, because 'a good offence is a good defence'. So, when the police arrive, they send out an escape pod apparently full of hostages and as soon as it nears the police ships blow it up. In the ensuing confusion, the inmates start firing at all the small police ships around them with huge prison firepower.
The scene switches back to Jet and his partner. They estimate where Taxim is going, trying to think of it from his point of view, and fly off at full speed, hoping to beat the criminal to it.
The scene changes back to Taxim, who is getting inside information from an unknown person. It is revealed duning this conversation that Taxim is getting annoyed with the ship.
Jet and his friend separate once more, and with superb driving skills Jet manages to manoever his ship in amongst the bullets and lasers to land. He enters the complex he sees before him, but is soon spotted on the security cameras by Taxim, who comes to meet him. A fight ensues, one which Jet just can't win. He ends up on the floor with a gun to his head, and tells Taxim that he'll never give up, because of what he did to his arm. Taxim laughs at him, and reveals that it wasn't him who shot off Jet's arm- it was his own partner. Then just before he pulls the trigger, Jet's partner appears and shoots Taxim in the head, killing him instantly. Now the final shoot out is between Jet and his old friend, and this time Jet comes out on top. The last few scenes are of his friend reconciling with Jet, whilst lying on the floor wavering between life and death. Finally, after Jet smiles at him for the last time, he dies.

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//Session Summary//

Action: 4/5
Comedy: 1/5
Emotion: 4/5
Killer Points: You find out a little more about Jet's very interesting past. Beware- this session is one of the most violent, if not the most violent, of all.

Overall: 4/5

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