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//Session #11: Toys in the Attic//


The session starts very oddly- you appear to be looking out of another creature's eyes.. a creature that is moving very menacingly and very quickly around in the quiet air shafts of the Bebop. However, as of yet, you are not given any clues as to what this creature is...
Lesson #1: Jet's lesson is that 'bounty hunting is a self-employed job, and when there is nothing to hunt, there is nothing to live on. It's their own destiny, and that even without money, you must make do'. So he plays poker with Faye (who of course is cheating, although Jet doesn't find out) and looses all of his clothes.
Scene swap to the Creature's vision. Through its eyes you see a mouse cross its path... and you see it kill the mouse.
Jet, completely nude, finds a little modesty and warmth from a blanket, and shuffles into the storeroom to find something else to keep him warm. There he stumbles across an old refrigerator...
Through the Creature's eyes: it nears the storage room, and Jet...
Lesson #2: Faye's lesson is that 'you should never trust others'. Whilst Spike is trying to persuade Faye to give Jet back his clothes because she won unfairly, a siren goes off. Spike, Faye and Ein rush to the storage room, where they find Jet on kneeling on the floor, rubbing the back of his neck. When asked what happened, he says something bit him. Ignoring Ein's strange hostility towards the refrigerator, Spike and Faye laugh at Jet and tell him it was only a mouse. They leave together, all wondering how the fridge came to be in their store room in the first place...
Jet feels ill, so Spike mixes up a gruesome herbal mix to cure whatever's making him feel sick. Reluctantly Jet drinks it, then almost instantly falls to the floor unconscious, revealing a large purple mark on the back of his neck.
Analysing the microbe in their computer, Spike and Faye are unable to find a match. Even Ed the whizzkid can't find a likely pair. So Spike and Faye simply make a pact to beware of any rat-like creature, the Faye goes off to have a bath. In her absence, Ed and Ein show up, and Spike gives Ed a pair of heat sensitive goggles to aid in the hunt. No sooner has he done this then Faye appears in a towel, scared. When asked what happened, she tells Spike that something bit her in the bath and that she is too young and pretty to die. Then she faints on the floor, revealing a large purple mark on her left calf.
The only three members of the Bebop split up to find the monster, Ed and Ein in a group and Spike on his own, he putting on his heat-sensitive goggles too. As Ed and Ein journey off, we learn that:
Lesson #3: 'If you see a stranger, follow him!' This is what Ein does.. and runs off. Ed chases after him, but he has disappeared. The scene switches to Spike, who is so far unsuccessful in finding anything.. when what should he come across? The unconscious form of Ein.. a throbbing purple mark on his left side. Spike picks him up and carries him to the lounge, where Jet and Faye are lying. Arming himself to the teeth, Spike goes after the assailant.
Amazingly, Spike finds the creature, an alien-looking purple mass that wobbles like jelly but shoots around with incredible speed. After shooting it with a flame thrower, Spike realises where the horrible thing had come from- apparently, a couple of years ago, he had bought a Rock Lobster and put it in the fridge, and had forgotten about it for all that time... Wide-eyed he returns to the store room and opens the fridge a crack... for a split second you see what is inside the fridge- then Spike slams it shut, gasping.
Doing the only thing possible, Spike switches off the gravity and pushes the fridge to the airlock. Just as he is activating that doors however, the fridge door slips open slightly, and a second purple monster emerges, biting Spike on the right forearm. Spike pulls the lever and grabs hold of the handle while the fridge is sucked out of space, but falls unconscious due to the bite..
Lesson #4: According to Spike- 'Never leave things in the fridge'. The final scene- Ed, asleep, floating due to the gravity having been stopped. The purple creature zooms in to her... in her slumber, Ed grabs it and eats it.

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//Session Summary//

Action: 3/5
Comedy: 4/5
Emotion: 1/5
Killer Points: It's the only episode which only concerns the Bebop crew. They give you lessons. And of course it is very shpooky indeed!

Overall: 5/5

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