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//Session #9: Jamming With Edward//


The seesion opens with a rather lonely and isolated satellite orbiting around Earth. For some strange reason, it orders its satellites orbiting the planet to draw pictures in the crust with their defence lasers.
The scene switches to a red-haired girl surfing the internet. She seems very at ease with the computer, and soon discovers that the Bebop is heading for her planet, getting very excited at the prospect of meeting the crew. Meanwhile, the strange satellite carvings are being reported to that same crew on the Bebop, with the added information that an infamous net hack called Radical Edward is responsible, and place a huge 8 million Woolong reward for his capture. Not surprisingly, Jet and Faye want to go right after the culprit- but oddly Spike opts to sit this one out.
Back with the red-head, two policemen appear to have found the criminal before the Bebop. Radical Edward is no other than the little girl at the beginning of the episode- and with her phenomenal hacking skills she takes control of the police ship and crashes it with a remote control before running away.
Back on the Bebop, Jet decides to investigate the hacker whilst Faye looks into the control satellite. Spike takes a nap. But during Spike's sleep, Ed hacks into the Bebop and finds that they are going after Radical Edward. So she decides to do some research herself.
She discovers that the satellite has never been contacted from Earth, nevermind hacked into. Amazingly the satellite begins to talk to her, so she answers back. She learns that the poor satellite drew the land carvings because it felt lonely, and remembered a time where there were lots of big drawings like that on the Earth. Then the connection is broken, as the police jam the satellite's signal.
Back on the Bebop, no one has found out much. Jet turns to his computer for help, but just as he is working Ed hacks into it and tells the crew that as long as they do her a favour she will tell them all they need to know. Faye is the one who strikes the deal, and Ed tells all- the bounty is not on Radical Edward, but on the satellite itself.
Now Spike must fly out to the satellite and disable it, but without using his engine or the defense satellites around it will start to fire at him. He attempts to do so, but fails, and instantly hundreds of laser beams shoot towards him. However Ed informs him that if he gets within 20 metres of the main satellite, the defense satellites won't fire. So, using Faye as a decoy, Spike manages it, manually disables it and Ed downloads a copy to preserve her friend.
Sadly, though the police have found their perpetrator, Big Shot informs bounty hunters that whoever caught the satellite would not be granted any bounty- bounties only apply to living life forms.
Finally it is Ed's turn for the Bebop's favour, but Faye still hasn't told her companions what she promised the kid. As they fly away she reveals that she promised Ed could come aboard as a member of the Bebop, but all agree that they should forget about the promise. However, Ed is waiting for them and, seeing them fly away, she uses her remote control and pulls the ship back towards her, where she boards and is official a member of the Bebop!

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//Session Summary//

Action: 4/5
Comedy: 5/5
Emotion: 1/5
Killer Points: This is the first introduction of the magnificent EDWARD!

Overall: 5/5

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