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//Session #8: Waltz for Venus//


The session starts off on a passenger ship heading for Venus, warning its passengers to be careful that they do not contract the fatal disease known as 'Venus Sickness'. Soon after it exits hyperspace however, a group of armed men hijack the ship and hold all the passengers hostage. Fortunately for them, Spike and Faye are on board, and after these particular bounties too. They catch them quickly and cleanly.
When the ship lands, Spike hands in the bounties and gets the reward. He is about to leave when a young man calling himself Roco appears and begs Spike to teach him how to fight like he did with the bounty heads. He refuses, but after a few minutes of Roco's harassment he gives in and tells him to relax and 'flow like water'. Just as Roco is starting to practice, a group of official-looking men emerge and start to chase after Roco, who throws an unmarked package at Spike and tells him to meet him with it the next day. Spike being a nice guy deep inside, he doesn't leave the package and takes it back to the Bebop with him.
On the Bebop, Jet reveals that they already have some more bounties to look for, one of which turns out to be Roco, charged with stealing a priceless flower that cures Venus Sickness. Suspiciously Spike opens the package, and not entirely surprisingly finds the plant. The crew discuss what to do, and finally decide that the flower is too valuable to sell and that they should catch the bounties first. So Spike goes to the place Roco specified the next day, and looks around.
There he meets a young woman, who at first glance seems fine but on closer inspection is completely blind. She speaks to Spike, and tells him that it is Venus Sickness that makes her blind, and that she is Roco's sister. She tells him that he is so kind- her blindness is the reason Roco stole the plant.
Back with Roco, he has apparently lost his tailers, and decides to go into a nearby bathroom for a break. There he finds himself surrounded by the very men he thought he'd lost, and gets beaten up when he refuses to say where the plant is. They then threaten his sister's health, too.
Eventually the session ends in a huge showdown between Roco and Spike versus the men after the plant. Jet and Faye turn up too to catch the bounty heads, only causing more chaos. Roco is feeling pretty down, but momentarily amazes himself and everyone else by 'flowing like water' and beating another man up who tried to kill him. Just as his confidence begins to rise though, a gun fires and he is shot in the stomach, dropping the plant and breaking its seal, thereby killing the flower. Spike rushes to him, but Roco dies on the ground. Spike and his companions eventually win the fight.
The last scenes concern themselves with Roco's sister. She has been given money from somewhere to have an operation on her eyes, and Spike comes to see her in hospital bringing a bouquet of flowers. She is at first happy to see him, but soon she asks about her brother and Spike has no choice but to tell her the truth.

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//Session Summary//

Action: 5/5
Comedy: 2/5
Emotion: 4/5
Killer Points: We get an in-depth look at how Spike is just so good at martial art, and meet a very sweet character.

Overall: 4/5

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