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//Session #6: Sympathy for the Devil//


The session opens moodily, with severl unexplained lab flashbacks, then switching to Spike sitting in a bar, watching a young boy play a harmonica.
The scene changes to Faye on the Bebop, who, as they have no food, decides to eat Ein's dog food. The dog is somewhat less than happy at this, but can't do anything about it.
Back with Spike, he is joined by Jet as they go off on a bounty looking for a man called 'Giraffe'. However, as they are following him from the bar Jet meets an old friend, and Spike continues on alone. He realises that Giraffe is following someone by taxi, so returns to the Bebop to get his ship. While he is gone, Giraffe confronts someone he has a grudge with in a hotel room, gets shot in the stomach and falls out of the hotel window. Fortunately Spike flies past as he is falling and catches him, but it is too late. Giraffe's dying wish is that Spike takes an odd-looking stone ring.
Back on the Bebop Jet does some tests on the ring, but it seems ordinary enough. So they decide to sell it for food money.
Jet then goes back to his old friend, who reveals to him that the man who Giraffe was killed by is called Zebra, and had had a life-long grudge with him. In fact, the young boy playing the harmonica in the bar at the start is his son.
So Spike goes off on Zebra's, and the son called Wen's, trail. He believes he is doing fine until suddenly searchlights are trained on him and he finds himself in an old abandoned warehouse, with Wen pointing his gun at him.
On the Bebop, Jet and Faye discover a strange item- a picture of the young boy Wen, dated 30 years ago.
In the meantime, Wen shoots away Spike's gun and then puts a bullet in his shoulder. He tells him that 30 years ago an unnatural accident (hence the lab flashbacks) left his parents dead and him unable to die or age. The only way he can be cured is by inserting a strange stone into his body, which would remedy the effects of the accident. He realised that without a 'father' to look after a seemingly young child, he would stand out, and so has used people such as Zebra as a cover without their knowledge. Spike fights back, eventually shooting the boy in the head, and then high-tails it out carrying Zebra with him.
On the Bebop, they attach the mute Zebra to the 'alpha-catch', a machine that translates thoughts into words. This explains that the stone needed to cure Wen's condition is indeed the strange ring that Giraffe gave to Spike before he died. Having not yet sold the odd ring, Spike transforms it into a bullet and loads it into his gun, then heading out, with only one chance to beat the kid.
Spike tracks down Wen in his ship and shoots his car off the road, before finally having a face-off with him when he hits Wen cleanly in the middle of the forehead with the stone bullet. Wen ages his lifetime in a moment, and dies happy.

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//Session Summary//

Action: 4/5
Comedy: 1/5
Emotion: 4/5
Killer Points: Having seen Spike at his cowboy best, we now see his more tender side...

Overall: 5/5

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