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//Session #5: Ballad of Fallen Angels//


The session begins with a contract being signed, in blood, between two feuding syndicates, the White Tiger and the Red Dragon. Although slightly uncomfortable, it seems to be going well enough- until a katana-wielding man, revealed to be called Vicious, bursts in and slaughters the two leaders. Hello, villain.
On the Bebop, Spike and Jet are debating whether or not to take up a new bounty on the head of the Red Dragon syndicate, Mao Yenrai. Jet thinks it's suicide- Spike seems both very interested and also to know oddly a lot about this particular syndicate. Faye interupts their conversation, the debate ending with Jet tending to his beloved Bonsai trees, Faye finding a lead to Mao, and Spike going off to do some more research on the bounty.
Faye's lead takes her to the opera, where she dresses up and gets in free of charge when she says that Mao himself has invited her.
The scene changes to a run-down newsagent, where two children flee having stolen some porno magazines. Sadly for them however, they run into Spike as they are making their getaway, and soon they are in the firm grasp of the owner of the shop- a time-worn woman named Annie, whom Spike seems to have a deep link with.
Annie is shocked that Spike is still alive, but when Spike asks her about Mao she clams up.
Back at the opera, Faye enters Mao's private box and is about to talk to him when she notices the odd red stains on his neck. Almost instantly she realises what the red marks are- but not before Vicious has stepped out of the shadows and introduced himself.
Having finished talking to Annie, Spike goes back to the Bebop only to pick up a call from Faye telling them she's been caught. Spike resigns himself, arms himself to the teeth, and makes his way to the rendevouz, an old chapel.
He meets the black-clad men and their leader in the chapel, where he promptly despatches those holding a gun to Faye's head and takes the rest down. Faye retreats to safety (having no weapons and wearing a rather unpractical dress) while Spike begins to battle it out with Vicious. They seem to go way back, and he is the first tough opponent Spike's had so far, apparently equal in skill and strength. It ends in a draw, Spike with his gun at Vicious' shoulder and Vicious' katana pressed into Spike's shoulder. There is a pause, when Vicious leers at Spike and tells him that they're so much alike. This infuriates Spike, who pulls the trigger, prompting Vicious to stab his shoulder too. Furious, Vicious hurls Spike out through a stained-glass window, while Spike throws a grenade into the chapel as he is falling (they are on the second floor). As he is falling, we see the explosion reflected in his eyes, and several mysterious flashbacks are shown.

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//Session Summary//

Action: 5/5
Comedy: 1/5
Emotion: 5/5
Killer Points: You meet Vicious, Spike's arch-nemesis, for the first time, and a bit of Spike's past is revealed. Shpoooky.

Overall: 5/5

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