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//Session #4: Gateway Shuffle//


Faye is floating by herself in space, with no fuel or food. Every time a ship passes by she tries to get its attention, but none respond. After several failures, she sees a strange rotting ship floating just like her, and she decides to investigate further.
The scene switches to an expensive restaurant, where Spike and Jet are enjoying the most expensive thing on the menu, safe in the knowledge that the bounty sitting across the room from them will pay for the food. Just as Spike gets up to catch the bounty, a wiry woman with a group of men wearing mouse masks bursts in and sprays the room with bullets, killing many, the bounty included. Jet recognises the woman as Twinkla Maria Murdock, with a 25 million bounty on her head. Spike goes in and captures her, holding her hostage, and so her companions, now revealed as her children, are forced to leave in case Spike hurts their mother.
Back with Faye, she discovers a dying man on the ship, whose last request was that she should take a briefcase of his to the ISSP police force.
On the Bebop, Spike and Faye are interrogating Murdock, and find out that she is the leader of the rebel group the Space Warriors, initially started to peacefully demonstrate to save the endangered Ganymede Sea-Rat (hence the masks) but since Murdock came into power she had turned it into a militant, violent terrorist group. Jet goes to check on the police website, and finds to his shock that Murdock's reward has been cancelled.
Meanwhile Faye, ever curious, looks into the briefcase and discovers an object like an hourglass, but she does not know what it is. While she is pondering this, a large ship passes by and she leaps to her radio to try and contact it. When she finally gets an answer, she kicks herself- it's the Bebop, the ship she had been trying to avoid.
Spike catche Faye once more, but finds that she has already lost all the money she stole at a casino. When she boards the ship, Faye finds Jet talking to an old police colleague, asking why Murdock's reward has been annulled. He tells Jet that the Space Warriors have threatened to release a deadly virus that turns people into monkeys if they do not follow a list of rules, and releasing Murdock is one of the clauses. Angrily, Spike and Jet release their captive.
When Murdock reaches her Space Warriors, they instantly put their plan, Money Business, into action. Spike and Faye chase after them into hyperspace in their ships, determined to recapture Murdock as the bounty has been renewed and also stop her turning those who would pay their bounty into monkeys. However, Murdock shoots a missile of the virus at the ships, which multiplies into three, and that into a thousand. In the dangerous area of hyperspace, Spike and Faye cannot avoid the missiles, and so turn around and race for the gates into normal space, which are being remotely closed by the police to trap the criminals. Spike and Faye just make the gate before it closes, but Murdock has no chance and is stuck in hyperspace with her children. While shouting at them, she accidentally drops one of the deadly virus vials, which quietly breaks...

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//Session Summary//

Action: 4/5
Comedy: 2/5
Emotion: 2/5
Killer Points: It parallels the film 28 Days Later when it comes to the monkeys... and the episode concentrates on Faye more than anyone else.

Overall: 3/5

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