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//Session #3: Honky Tonk Women//


The session opens with a beautiful woman named Faye Valentine going into a bar and buying cigars. She sits quietly for a while, but soon a group of men burst in a a gunfight ensues. Despite her machine gun, Faye is eventually caught.
She is taken to a large spaceship and held hostage, as she apparently as accumulated an inconceivable amount of debt by gambling. The owner of the ship tells her that as long as she does what he wants, the debt will be dropped.
Now Spike and Jet come into play. They have arrived at the same spaceship, which is now revealed to be a huge casino. They separate, and Spike begins to play blackjack, where Faye is now working as the dealer (and, of course, the cheater). When she sees Spike, Faye recognises him as matching the description of the man who would play, lose all but one chip and then give her it, the chip being her ticket to a debt-free future. Spike does indeed lose all but one chip, but at this point just gets up and leaves. On his way out, he bumps into a man who looks oddly like him (the real man with the real chip) but in the confusion the chips get switched, and Spike really does end up with the special one.
Faye chases after Spike, and when she finds him starts to argue about the real chip or not. Spike being Spike, he settles the argument by swalling what he thinks is but a normal gambling chip.
Now the casino boss is aware of the situation, security is called which Spike easily takes care of, and Jet and Spike take Faye on the Bebop for questioning.
Spike and Jet lock their captive in the bathroom while she claims innocence. Spike coughs the doubtful chip back up, and Jet does some tests on it, revealing that it is in fact a microchip that is the key to a computer programme capable of unlocking any security code in the Universe. Confused, they tune in to Big Shot to relax, when who should be shown but Faye Valentine, with a 6 million bounty on her head.
Then Jet and Spike turn the Bebop round to the nearest police station, and fly off to collect their reward, but before long the owner of the casion contacts them, revealing himself as Gordon, and asks for the 'worthless' chip back. Jet is not so easily fooled, and tells him that he knows exactly what it is and how much it is worth. So a deal is struck; Spike will go out and exchange the chip for a suitcase full of money.
This happens, but the instant he releases the chip the casino starts to fire at both him and the Bebop, and the escape pod just released with Faye inside who used her unguarded time to the fullest. After a hectic fight, the casino is destroyed, Faye gets the money and Spike is stuck with the microchip again.
Deciding that the chip isn't worth the trouble, Spike and Jet go to the nearest casino and use the chip as a mere gambling piece.

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//Session Summary//

Action: 4/5
Comedy: 2/5
Emotion: 1/5
Killer Points: We meet the lovely Faye Valentine for the first time.

Overall: 4/5

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