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//Session #2: Stray Dog Strut//


Session #2 starts off showing Abdul Hakim, a notorious pet thief who uses plastic surgery to create fool-proof disguises. According to Big Shot, he is worth 8 million Woolongs- a bounty too big for Spike and Jet to ignore.
However, due to Hakim's constant different face and body it is hard to track him down. Spike and Jet have been searching for a lead for a long time, and all efforts have been in vain- except when they are introduced to one particular doctor, a plastic surgeon who has recently performed surgery on Hakim himself. With this clue, Spike takes off for Hakim.
The scene switches back to the bounty, who is carrying a non-descript briefcase very carefully indeed. He pauses on his journey at a small bar for a drink, and whilst his attention is otherwise engaged another thief appears and stealthily steals the briefcase. However, upon opening the case which he thought would be full of money, he finds nothing but a normal small Welsh corgi. Irritated, he takes the dog to the nearest pet shop and sells it.
The scene changes to show a van of scientists careering about in the street, chasing after something they've lost. It appears that this Welsh corgi is not so normal after all- he is the product of a scientific experiment, and is a super-humanly intelligent and priceless Data Dog. Whoops.
Spike now arrives on the scene and finds the briefcase, but thinking that the second thief is Abdul with another operation, tries to arrest him instead. However, when he opens the case and discovers the dog, decides that any bounty who spends his time stealing dogs is not worth any of his time and effort. He leaves.
Soon after this, the dog escapes from the pet shop, with disasterous results. The scientists have managed to locate they quarry, and are chasing after the dog in their van. Hakim, having realised that he has lost this expensive pet, is running as fast as he can after the dog. Spike now sees Hakim too, and gives chase to him. The dog leads the three parties on a chase through the crowded streets...
Eventually the scientists loose their trail, and Spike has a face off with Hakim. It ends with Hakim getting away, and to Spike's disgust, the dog returning with him onto the Bebop, where he is christened 'Ein' and it is decided to use him as bait to attract Hakim once more. Unfortunately, the scientists are too quick and use a dog whistle to draw Ein out, once again leading everyone on a wild chase. This time Hakim is caught, the scientist's labs ruined and yet again Ein returns accidentally with Spike to the Bebop.

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//Session Summary//

Action: 3/5
Comedy: 3/5
Emotion: 1/5
Killer Points: We meet Ein, the lovable Data Dog, for the very first time

Overall: 3/5

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