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//Session #1: Asteroid Blues//


Cowboy Bebop opens with a flashback, showing briefly what happened before the series begins. You are introduced to Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, two penniless bounty hunters, with as much skill at catching bounties as they have in using up the reward money.
Spike and Jet, over a scant and meatless meal, discuss how to catch their latest bounty, Asimov Solensan. This particular criminal has been selling 'Red-Eye', a highly potent drug that both gives the user incredible strength and also causes him to go berserk. After dinner, Spike boards his single-pilot ship the 'Swordfish' and flies to Tijuana, a small asteroid on which lives a fortune-teller named Old Man Bull, and of course, his target.
The session then switches from Spike's actions to Asimov and his beautiful companion, Katerina. They enter a bar, and while the obviously heavily pregnant Katerina sits at the bar Asimov and the bartender go into the back room to do some 'business'. Asimov shows the vial of Red-Eye to the bartender, but he is not as stupid as he looks and requires Asimov to prove that it is the real thing before he pays him anything. Asimov obliges, and then the real action starts.
A group of syndicate men who have been secretly trailing Asimov crash in with a hail of bullets, shooting the bartender instantly, but strangely missing Katerina and Asimov. High on Red-Eye, Asimov lunges madly at the syndicate group, and with frightening speed and agression kills them all in seconds. Asimov grabs Katerina and the pair make a break for it.
Now, whilst Asimov is trying to recover from the Red-Eye in a toilet, Spike meets him but does not realise who he is and passes on by. It is only when he meets Katerina outside that he innocently admits that he is a bounty hunter, and after Asimov, her boyfriend. In a split second Katerina distracts him, and Asimov attacks him from behind, leaving him almost strangled to death on the pavement. But, perhaps the vial or Red-Eye Spike managed to swipe as he fell made the pain worthwhile...?
Once recovered somewhat, Spike follows Asimov and meets up with him in disguise at a bar, asking to buy some Red-Eye and knowing that he will not be able to produce it, as he himself has it hidden in his pocket. When Asimov realises he has lost the vial, Spike blows his cover, beats him up and then tails him as he and Katerina, who is now proven not to have been pregnant but hiding all the Red-Eye vials up her dress, try to escape from Tijuana. However, the police are not entirely useless and have set up a barrier, destroying the spaceship before they leave.

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//Session Summary//

Action: 4/5
Comedy: 2/5
Emotion: 2/5
Killer Points: We meet Spike and Jet for the first time, and get to know Cowboy Bebop. There's not much depth yet, but already this episode shows you just what quality lies in store.

Overall: 4/5

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