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//Link You//

Should you want me to add you to this site, please feel free to email me on the link below, or via any of the other numerous email links around the site. ^^ I'll be very grateful to you if you do decide to give me your webpage's URL, but aside from this shotgun in my hand there's not much pressure. Of course, it's got to be an anime site of some description, hopefully CB but it doesn't really matter. Image links are fine too, if you provide me with them!

Go on. Click on any of the below (very inviting) pages, and strengthen your resolve to give me some links. You know you want to. Go go go!

Official Website of the Igneous Andes Pebbles .
  :// The Ultimate Sport- Tiddlywinks on Fire .
  :// Where's the ambiguity? It's over there in a box .
  :// I joined the Navy... .
  :// I heard that dandelions roar at Picadilly Circus .
  :// Your Dream Job: Personal Masseurs for the UCA (United Cellulite Association) Apply Here! .
  :// I don't need love .
  :// I dare you to click here .
  :// I'm so hip I have trouble seeing over my pelvis. .
  :// Hey jerk, you work .
  :// There's danger in emotional ties .
  :// Fanlisting of the Friendly Bacteria Man! .
  :// Mr. Shaw-Twilly's Puerile Page of Childish Jokes .
  :// The Noel Gallagher Appreciation Page .
  :// Feeling Inquisitive? .
  :// Damn. .