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//Link Me!//

For the general population, simple normal persuasion will work to get you to add a link here on your site. For others however, different methods may be necessary. I will attempt to include all.

Sucking Up:

As I have worked so hard on this site, and because you webmasters and webmistresses are just such lovely people, why not add a link back to this page, so that your heart will be lightened as you have made one girl very happy indeed. Please, if you feel like making a difference to someone's life and making that halo shine just a little brighter, take the button below and add it to your page, or simply add a text link. Please send me an email too, if you are so great that you want to add this site's link. ^^

I am a wonderful person!

And the button to add:

Reverse Psychology:

This is a very personal site, and I would hate anyone else to link here. It would be awful if I put a counter on this page and came back the next day to see that one million strangers had visited my page. And I'm sure you don't want to be the cause of that. So, please, don't add this image link or text link to your site, and don't email me to tell me you've done so by clicking this link:

Don't click here!

And on no account are you to add this button to your page!


Yo, big daddy/momma! Wazzup? Is it that you is lookin' for a trade-off for youse webbas? Well, yo, listen up, listen good- I got a deal for ya! Youse take this pic, and you stick it right and good on yon webba! Then youse click on this linkee below, yo, and tell us you be tradin'. When youse deal-part be done, we blab 'bout our side o the plan. Ching ching?


This be da one, diggit?

Nancy Poets:

The twinkling stars look down from on high,
While the Moon and her husband sleep in the sky..
Laharl sees this not: she is locked in her cell
With the computer on, slave to HTML.
The webmistress, princess of her site,
Sits oh-so-demurely, awaiting her Knight,
Who will come and aid her in this perilous age
By adding a link to their noble webpage?

"Please, o Knight, o Saviour" said she,
"Won't you kindly send word of you rescuing me?

Kind person, won't you be a dear,
This is the image that links back to here:

(Or, if you are part of the small percentage of the population who would be classed strangely as "normal", why don't you link to me- because I'm asking so nicely?)