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Hello, and thank you for stumbling across this Ed-centred Cowboy Bebop site, Computerized-Orange! The navigation may look slightly tricky, but actually it's very simple. The image map above contains the obvious links, to different parts of the site, and if you click slightly off the word you'll simply be returned to the index page (i.e. here), so just try again with more accuracy.
Click on 'Edward' in the top left corner at any time to return to this page. Hope you like the site, and feed back would be truly welcomed!

And I spent far too long on this website for my own good, so there are lots of little things that might confuse you.

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  ://Name . Laharl
  ://E-mail . hellodarkness@hotmail.com
 ://Interests . Well I suppose that it's pretty obvious, but Cowboy Bebop would obviously be of great interest to me. If anyone hasn't seen the series, I order you, with all the power at my command, to get up from this computer and go buy it! Now! From any shop you like! Actually, hey, why don't you steal it? That way, your life would be enhanced, and Cowboy Bebop would be happily spread around in a Communist way. Just, if you do steal it, don't take mine.
Many other animes are damn good too, such as King of Bandits Jing, Trigun, Blue Sub 6, X... there are too many to count. So if you're interested, just browse around and see what appeals to you ;).
  ://Other Sites . The Forest of the Night (Not completed)
                                  Kupopo (Not completed)
                                  The Netherworld (Not completed)


Have begun the eternal search for fanart submissions, and for cyberspacial glory and appraisal. As of yet, have had no luck. Darn.