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For Sale: The M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

A once in a lifetime opportunity! Your chance to own the main battle tank of the U.S. Army!


The M1A1 was originally developed in 1985 by General Dynamics Land Systems. It is also used by the armies of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. The world watched when, in 1991, the Abrams made its combat debut in the Persian Gulf War. The Abrams was responsible for the destruction of nearly three thousand Iraqi tanks, including several hundred advanced Soviet-made T-72's. It is widely regarded as the best armored vehicle on the planet.


The primary weapon on the Abrams is the 120mm M256 smoothbore cannon, manufactured by the Rheinmetall Corporation of Germany. It is capable of firing HEAT(High Explosive Anti-Tank) rounds, as well as depleted uranium armor piercing rounds(both sold separately). It also includes a .50 cal. machine gun, mounted for use by the tank's commander, and a 7.62mm machine gun, for use by the loader. The tank is also capable of launching tactical smoke grenades, and a system linked to the engine can produce a smoke screen as well. Its depleted uranium armor can protect the tank and crew from almost anything. The Abrams' fire control system is also among the world's best, including advanced thermal, radar, and laser-based targeting system. It is powered by a gas turbine engine that can carry it at top speeds of 42 mph and cruising speeds of 30 mph. Protections against nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks are also included.


Engine Lycoming Textron AGT-1500 (multi-fuel) gas turbine engine delivering 1500 horsepower
Length, Gun Forward: 385 inches (9.78 meters)
Width: 144 inches (3.66 meters)
Height: 114 inches (2.89 meters)
Weight 67.7 tons


The retail price for an M1A1 is approximately $4.3M, but they aren't exactly available to the public. If you act now, you can have the chance to bid on this incredible piece of machinary in a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bidding will begin on January 1, 2005 at 12 noon approximately 50 miles soutb-southwest of Algiers, Algeria. Bidders must be present, meaning in person. Bidding will begin at $2.5M, but is expected to run much higher. Ammunition and the tank's crew is not included, but we will provide free transportation for the tank's lucky winner and this 65 ton beast.

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