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It has been two years now!!! September the 11 or as we all no it as the day the twin towers collapsed or otherwise known as Hate Bin Laden day!!!!! He has no and i mean no respet for no1 so just die!!!

If you are reading this know can u please have 1 mitunte silence to think about the people who died in the twin tower collapse!!!

Well i think its sad for all the families who have to go through this!!! i was reading this article and this man was on the first areoplane and it was his birthday!!!

Any way here are some weird things about the twin towers !!!

Type Q33NY in dingwings in caps and see for yourself(Q33NY was the number of the first plane)

The twin towers standing together look like the number 11

In america instead of putting the date as 11/09/03 they do it lik 9/11/03 and that is the number for police (911)

Got anymore post them on todays comments or any other days!!!