About Rules Codes Join Etc

1) You MUST love/like Boromir-no Bory bashing.
2) If you have a website please put a code in an easy place for me to find it, and within a week of your joining please. I repeat you MUST put a code up on your site! If I do not find one I will NOT add you! I'm sorry about this, but I'm getting a bit tired of adding people with sites who haven't even bothered to put a code up.
3) No hate/porn sites please, if I do find a site with any unsuitable content on it I will add you but I won't link you.
4) On the form you must put your country (everybody lives somewhere right?) and REAL country coming to it, I know we all want to be from The Shire and Minas Tirith-but it ain't real :P
5) Put a valid email address on the form.

THAT's it folks! Now sit back and enjoy the show!

May I also note that on the form you MUST put your name, or nickname-I cannot add you if you just put 'me' or something like that.